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I think with you hitting that close you should back up to the next tees but I wouldn't do it yet.  I use to play from the whites at a course for a while and was always withing 70 yards after my drive on the par 4's and always used my 54 vokey. The best practice is if the course is not busy one day to just drop a couple balls on each hole where your drive lands and just practice that shot.  I feel like you get more practice on the course than on the range and once you get...
Titleist AP2 710, Sun Mountain Superlite 3.5 and Nike Lunar golf shoes.  Expensive trip!
I would also like to know if anyone has tried these grips out yet.  They look like a nice grip from what I can see online but have not made it to a golf store to feel them yet.
Looks good!  What color was the fill at first, its kind of hard to tell from the pics?  Just an idea for you is maybe think about painting the logo on the bottom of the putter a different color other than white to make it pop out.  Maybe red or orange!  Just an opinion but it looks good!
The last time I played I forgot my glove at home and didn't feel like going back to the club house to buy one, I figured if I played bad on the front I would get on at the turn. I was -1 after nine and ended up shooting +2 overall, my best round ever and it was without a glove... I always thought I need a glove but I guess not!!
Did you end up going with the Tamiya paint? If so did you order it online or is it readily available at local craft stores?
The Scotty Cameron i saw was i think the 2007 version, it looked more like a halloween cover than then traditional skull and crossbones, I might have overlooked the others. Maybe you can point me in the direction where you saw all the other Scotty Cameron covers.
I have been searching all over the internet in forums, ebay, google and just cannot seem to find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a skull and crossbones AKA "Jolly Roger" headcover for my rife antigua putter. I have seen the scotty cameron style skull and crossbones headcover but its not what im looking for...i like it but its not what I want. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks
How do you use your iphone with it, just going to the website on it or is there an app?
I would just be interested in some good drills/routines rather than the technique standpoint.
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