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Yet another distance thread. The same as all the rest, just with 'and don't lie' after the thread title.
Why not sell your used 56, and use the money to go toward a 58*, then just have 52, 58? Am i missing something here? Does their standard 58 not come in a high anough bounce option for you? A lower (not too low) bounce on a lob wedge means you can open the face SLIGHTLY (I am not meaning fully blown flop shots, they are difficult to pull off for a lot of people) around the greens. High bounce around the greens makes your wedge way less versatile.
They should make a cot accessory to fit onto powacaddys, though she could fit into one of the pockets :D Congrats!
170 is my 7 iron distance. 6ft2.5, 190lbs
You could dress up as the Nike SQ Machspeed irons on halloween.
There's a +1 hcap at my club who I have played with once. He used to be a +2. He had just bought a set of irons, so just went round 9 holes hitting them. No woods in his bag at all. He shot 3 under for the 9 holes. Including dropping a 40ft birdie on the par 4 17th, 466 yards. He hit 3 iron, 3 iron. They really are just focused, and mentally sound.
Ping make 2 irons, you will have to do some searchin' though. The G2 2 iron looks like a TREAT to hit, I would love to have the confidence to hit one.
Pros aren't immune to club troubles either. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/...river-tidbits/
I didn't say that 'getting on the squirt' doesn't make parties fun. I said He doesn't have to drink and DRIVE to have fun. Read back through the posts, you may then understand. Show a little compassion for those who die on roads each year due to fuelled up jackasses making judgements like 'you have to drink and drive to be fun at parties'.
Does sean_miller have to drink and drive to be a blast at parties? It's a serious offence, and takes lives daily. Please don't suggest that one must do it to be considered fun. I am 18, and I know well enough of the dangers. C'mon man, grow up.
New Posts  All Forums: