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I have a new ghost putter, and while putting on the carpet last night I noticed the shaft seems weird.  I know it is offset, which it is at the actual base (by the putter) but then by the time of the grip it is in align with the front of the putter.   Is my shaft bent??  Seems like if offest at the base, then it should be offset up through the grip???  No pictures yet, seen it too late last night to think about pictures and I am at work right now.  Can somebody else look...
My new asics golf shoes are great.  Way better then my adidas ones from years past.
Cherry Hill is a very nice course.  Foster Park is pretty nice for a public park course, it is tough though.  I am a fan of Noble Hawk north of fort wayne also.  Front nine is links style.
Towards the end of this season, I started getting major pains in my thumb that was compounded fractured when I was much much younger. I currently play Mizuno MX-25's which I really do like. But the pain in the thumb is almost too much on a full round. Which do you think would benefit me more, just getting sensicore installed in the stock dynalite shafts, or doing a total switch to graphite? I see golfsmith has attack lite iron shafts .355 which I could afford to...
Was it a Donald Ross designed course. I have played two and seemed like every other green is like this. Refuse to play those courses anymore ;)
Wilson Staff Kirk Currie II center shafted. One thing I will not change in my bag, though always play with putters at stores. 35" with custom sightline added to top by Colbert Plating.
Well I cannot hit my driver 230 from the deck ;) I drive about 230, but then next club I hit fairly good everytime would by the 2 hybrid which goes about 200 yards.
I carry a 16 degree to replace 3 and 5 woods and then a 22 degree to replace 3 iron. I get much better results from 16*, may not be as long as a three wood, but when you can only hit a three wood off the deck good once out of every four tries, distance doesn't matter when comparing.
Whichever ones I am not hitting. As soon as I am taking a swing, they turn into the ugliest irons ever because of how I swing ;)
I might try to test the new cleveland driver this weekend, over spring break going to canada (yeah, weird destination for a spring break) but want to try wilson's shockwave while there. Thanks for all your input. I hate the thought of those long 46" drivers, anybody have any idea if cutting those down to 44" will affect them, I assume it would make them even a touch lighter.
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