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Thanks so much. I feel like I had practiced so much and was only getting worse. Once i focused on not "swaying" back and forth and keeping upper body in place I literally had the best practice session of pure shots ever. Btw I had a glove under lead arm as I read it helps to feel connected. I still see some chicken wing there but definitely improved.
:( that is a bit open ended to look for the solution. I have read all the previous posts by you as well as watching at all the 5sk youtube videos. I will check them out thank you. Small question on grip while the top hand should point toward rear shoulder. The bottom hand v can go to rear shoulder as well but it can also be a bit neutral and v point towards the center or atraight up correct?
Left the practice swing up there from yesterdays practice...the full practice swing through what would be impact the arms are nice and straight...then when there is a ball there the arms bend :(    
so I just realized my bottom hand (left hand) on my grip was (I dont know the term) but the v was facing the other shoulder...my right shoulder...where as my right hand the v was facing towards the left (stonger grip)  I thought i was supposed to have no open space so i was making my left hand face come over more the top of the club and it was creating a V toward my right shoulder.  Can someone explain to me what this would cause me to do?  could this be a factor as to why...
Ping sent me a label and is expediting repairs. I asked local dealer and they said same thing about shaft. Sometimes shaft have problems from the get go. In either case i should be good shortly
      First swing of the day, fourth time using brand new purchased Ping g25, must have caught it off the hosel because i didn't get any of the ground.   On a lighter note...the driver head must have cleared 50 yards...low spin and pretty good launch angle. on a hopeful note...can this be fixed as in remove whats inside left of the shaft in the head of the club and replaced with a new shaft?  Or send it to Ping and see what they charge me to fix/replace it?
so I have titleist ap1 714 up to the w1. so my wedge ranges are pw- 44 w1- 48 then i have a 54 (ordered vokey to replace my old sand wedge which was 54) and a 60 lob wedge     so it goes like this higher irons have 3 degree loft difference till it gets from my 7i-8i where it is a 4 degree loft   then from my w1 - sand - lob have a 6 degree loft difference.       I'm used to it this way, and will assume I will get the answer that if I'm used to it and it works for...
I feel like I've been able to adjust to all instruction given....posture,hip sway, grip , practicing of weight transfer..but these two drills        http://golf-info-guide.com/video-golf-tips/straight-golf-shots-require-fully-extended-arms-at-impact-video/     I was able to successfully practice both of these drills but transitioning it to my full swing..spelled disaster for my practice session with the longer irons...shorter irons wasnt as bad...felt like i was...
The second pic is of my left or top hand which now i see was not as important to post as is my right and bottom hand. I do see where the top pic though is palmy and i know now to make sure it feels more on the heel pad
  starting at 1:00   dude you guys are bad ass...how the heck did you even see that from my videos?? 
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