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before first evolvr lesson          after first evolvr lesson        Stephan had me working on keeping head back and hip forward on downswing, I feel like a major improvement already when I practice in the backyard net but onto the range today...     now I just came back from the range today and of course with swing changes there are some frustrations and pain in the change...I DO NOT have video of myself out on the range today but will try to...
I say you should why woukd a certain type of video/lesson not be allowed? Your the customer and their your cosches that should be helping improve in all facets of the game.
Makes sense. Thanks
If im doing two lessons a momth with two follow up videos to make sure im working on those points correctly if that is not correct or not wanted let me know now so i can request not to move forward
Thanks all for the feedback. I have a different mindset of how i want to work the program since im on the course weekly and on the range once a week as well as practicing from my home. If it doesnt work out for either party I guess we can always communicate that. Thanks again and am looking forward to serious and progressive results
also along those lines id be thinking it would be about 2 lessons a month with 2 video follow ups to make sure im doing it correct? I understand it may not be like that every month but if its a service that is being provided I would think this is the best way to optomize my investment and try to imrpvoe
how does the month work though is it calendar? or monthly from when you sign up?
finally signed up for evolvr...but had a small question in regards to my putting stroke.  is/should the putting stroke be lower or closer to the ground? I'm not sure if it's the angle the camera recorded in (I had never recorded myself putting for birdie before but felt confident in the distance and line) but in the practice stroke it seems like my putter is higher off the ground than it should be?  do i need more forward lean of the shaft of the putter keeping it a bit...
Hey all, just signed up for evolvr and just submitted my first swing.  Kinda wish I would have waited till the beginning of the month (just easier for me to remember) but do the 4 videos a month run on calendar basis? I don't presume they do but thought i would ask.   second question is for those that have been with the program a while and seen some serious results...has sending 4 videos a month been an issue for you? or is it after a while not really necessary to send...
Abu3aid thanks for taking ghe time to reapond. I will be signing up for evolvr next week. With that out of the way i did not really understand much of your response as it was a bit technical for me.
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