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The article makes total sense to me. My miss is a straight slice. Now I know why I draw or hook the ball trying not to hit houses on the left of the fairway.
I'd use the skullmainia skulls. Remind me of the helmet stickers from football in high school for a big play!
I went from Callaway X-20 Tour to the Mizuno MX-300s and I never looked back. I hear some people like them better than the JPX800 Pros, though i can't say from experience. You can get them fairly cheap, got mine for $450 from Roger Dunn Golf for 4-GW.
I have and use both. I use the sky caddie SG4 for distance and carry distances. Is works well off the tee and on approach shots. On par 3s i like to use my Callaway/Nikon laser for distance to the pin. I know it sounds dumb to have both but the are strapped to my bag and are just as easy to grab. Seems to work well for me since I get the best of both worlds
I was using Bridgestone B330-S for a while but like most said, I didn't like watching it sail OB to never be seen again. So recently switched to Srixon Tri-Speed Tour and I really like them. I went to go buy another box at Sports Authority but the didn't carry them, but they did have a sale on Nike Tour & Tour D, two dozen for $50. Well to make a already long story shorter, I really like the Srixons and will most likely go back after the Nike's are gone.
Hook me up with some free stuff!!!!
I have the same problem. I used to okay every 2 weeks with my brother and I would do fine ( mid to low 90's and would break into the 80's every once in a while). I then play with my old boss and some guys from work and I shoot 101 107 111. I don't know if it's psychological or what. So I took a year off golf and just started up again. Have played 2 rounds, a 94 and a 89. Now my old boss and the guys from work ant to play again. I guess we'll see if I can overcome this.
I got to pick my Fathers Day present! New set of Mizuno MX-300! Love the way these feel!
I played the 2010 b-330 s and really liked them, but wanted to cry when I lost one. Recently switched to the Srixon TriSpeed Tour and really like them. I think they feel good off the driver and can stop them on pretty well. Plus they come in Tour Yellow( if you like that sort of thing).
I've had this product for a couple of years and love it! My kids love the way they sound when they take off
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