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 The areas we are considering are truly lateral water hazards based on the USGA definition.  Not all areas will be designated as such because they are in blind areas from the hitting location (tee area).  So the new rule "virtually certain" can't apply.  From the USGA rules:26-1. Relief for Ball in Water HazardIt is a question of fact whether a ball that has not been found after having been struck toward a water hazard is in the hazard. In the absence of knowledge or...
You are so right!
We are in the planning and review stages of changing some OB markings to LWH (red stakes) markings.  We are also adding some new tees.  All of these changes are being done in anticipation of a re-rating by the USGA sometime next year.
  Good question.  Though probably not because there still is a penalty involved and the playing of the course is not significantly changed.  A member of my committee is involved with the state golf association and he will most likely know the answer.  Thanks.
 I believe you misinterpreted my comments.  I stated it takes the Army Corp of Engineers or some other governing body to designated a wetlands area as 'environmentally sensitive'.  I have no intention of contacting any outside agency about our golf course.
I plan to make the areas lateral water hazards (red stakes/red lines).  I can't declare the areas environmentally sensitive because they have not been designated as such by the Army Corp of Engineers or whichever governing body is responsible for the designation.  Being designated wetlands does not automatically mean environmentally sensitive in the strictest sense of the definition. 
All the areas are designated wetlands by the Army Corp of Engineers and governed by our local Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission.
Thank you very much.  The publication is very helpful.  It seems it is up to us to determine if the area is O.B. or a lateral water hazard.  On our course the areas meet both definitions.
On my home course there are several holes that are marked with out of bounds stakes and/or white lines.  Yet the O.B. on each of these holes is still part of the club's property.  Most of the areas marked as O.B. are wetlands.  As I understand the suggestions from the USGA on course setup, they do not like O.B unless absolutely necessary.  I would like to change these holes to be lateral water hazards in place of the O.B. markers.  I know the 'committee' can establish...
I'm looking for a tip: Can anyone recommend a good book for coaching high school golf? Thanks.
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