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Noooooo! Minnesota what happened you were up by 2 in the third.
That is impressive Stretch!I can honestly say I don't think I have had a round where I have hit more than 12 GIR. I was looking back on my golfshot stats and my average is 7 with 11 being the top end.I get it up and down a LOT! HahaEven on my personal best round of 73 I hit just 9 GIR. Had two birdies and one water ball. Mostly a lot of pars.
Yeah they have been bad lately with a few injuries to boot. Isn't Chicago without Kane and Toews right now, or are they gonna be back for game 1? I just feel that CHI is a little overrated this year. They really haven't been firing on all cylinders IMO, and I have seen STL play some dominating hockey for the first 70 games or so.We will see the Blues slump could continue and Chicago has the experience, so anything could happen. I just love playoff hockey. Go Wild!
Surprised everyone is picking Chicago. For most of the season I would Say St. Louis was the best team in the league with Boston. Granted they have not played well in the last week or so but they were my Pick in the west for awhile now..... Also disappointed no love for the State of Hockey. Go Wild! Colorado has been red hot but I think MN has more depth especially because COL is without Duchene. My picks are: BOS, MON, PIT, and PHI in the east. SJ, ANA, STL, and MIN in...
@iacas Trappers, so the 60 has 18 degrees of bounce. I think the trapper has the third most bounce behind the Driver and Digger. Question: Would the 56 and 52 have the same bounce as the 60 if they are all trappers, or do they progressively have more bounce as the loft increases?
I couldn't believe my eyes when I got home from work today. My Edel wedges were on my doorstep in a mere 8 days! Can't wait to use them in Florida next week. Here are some pics. I will do a review when I return from my golf trip.
First round of the year! Only could get in 9 after work, but I did start the year off with a tap in birdie. All in all, I hit it very solid. Short game was great. A had a few wedges that a flew well over the green. Shot a +4 (39) with two birdies, a double and two penalties.
Well I just got fit for my wedges yesterday, and I just wanted to followup. I started out on the lie board, and that showed me that my current lob wedge (58*)  didn't have enough bounce for my swing.  I then proceeded to hit a few of the different wedge grinds until the tape mark was thin and right along the bounce line of the club.     After that he had me hit a variety of pitches with my new lob (60*) and I could not believe how easy it was to get the ball up in the...
Well, I shot a few videos on my V1 app today hoping to get them uploaded tonight, but it seems that all my videos have been deleted.     I will try and get some swings posted asap.  Sorry...
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