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Hey Ben.  Swing is looking pretty good.  I just got a Game Golf and followed you.  How are you liking your Evolvr subscription?  I am thinking about getting this to improve me swing this summer.
Did a HIIT class yesterday and biked for about 20 minutes today.
Looks like a great time!  Maybe I will try and get my game in shape for 2016.  Go Red team!!!  Can't wait to watch everything unfold.
I have only used the device for two rounds but I have noticed that I have not had any issue integrating the tagging into to pre-shot routine.     In regards to how to use this data to improve.  I think we all overestimate our games a bit, and having rounds and rounds of shots and knowing the real distance to each club not just that one time you hit a 200 yard 6 iron will help my better gameplan and think my way around courses.     I already clubbed up a few times and...
I would say it wouldn't hurt to try and get your arms to hang more freely at address.  Looks like you have a tad bit of reach which I think could help promote the inside takeaway. DJ's arms look a little more relaxed at address.   Really like the rest of your setup though in this pic.
I had a great B Day this past weekend to say the least  The GF got me a GAME Golf device!  I already posted two rounds and they were both in the 70s.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shakogolfer   I have not been hitting the driver well at all, too but I am finding ways to get the ball on or close to the green in regulation.  For example,   at the Wilds yesterday I hit 8 Greens and had 5 nGIRs plus a sand save, and I would rate my driver at about 4/10.  Only good...
@billchao @Golfingdad Thank you for the link!  That is exactly what I was looking for.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shakogolfer/round/432792?hole_id=17970056   Played my best round of golf in a long time!  Shot a 75 at The Wilds from the Purple tees (6449 yds).     I don't think I have ever had three birdies in a single round, and it easily could have been more.  I lipped out on 16 and 17 for birdies.  Unfortunately on 17 I missed the come-backer.   Highlights from the round include:   Hole 3 Par 3:  tee shot was just short of the green and in the...
I voted No mainly based on the fan experience.  Not a fan-friendly place to play.  If they fixed the greens I could see the USGA giving them a second chance.  It was great to watch and had a dramatic finish with the game's biggest names in contention, but I just wish Joe Buck wasn't commentating for Fox that was brutal to say the least.
Re-reading this amazing book now.  Just got a Game Golf this weekend as well.  Looking to really lower my scores this summer!  Thanks Dave and Erik for such a great book.
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