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Well I'm back again.  This time I really want to start working on making a real swing change.  I want to put together a solid plan that will best help me improve my swing and eventually lower my scores.  I was just wondering what would be a good way to go about this change (and most importantly do it on a bit of a budget).     First off, I have read Lowest Score Wins, and I 100% agree that I want to focus the majority of time on the full swing (65% to be exact).  I also...
That is one pretty golf swing. Thanks for sharing Mike!
For those interested in the Game Golf system they just dropped the price from $250 to $200. Check out their website below. http://www.gamegolf.com
Thanks for the support!  I really haven't played too much as of late, but I have a strategy session at my local golf gym/center this week.  I got a free hour lesson that is going to include a TPI fitness test, K-vest swing analysis, and some time on the Trackman.  I want to talk with them about possible coaching programs for this winter because I would really like to try and fix my takeaway and my weight shift on the downswing. I have a big charity event coming up in...
Went for a 3.75 mile run.  I am getting ready for a 10 mile race in October so I plan on running between 15-25 miles a week for the next six weeks.  I also did some stability ball crunches, around the world planks, stability ball push-ups, and stability ball db bench press.
@jbishop15 so far The Art of Fielding is great, but I had to put it on hold to finish Four Fish. I borrowed it from a friend and he wants it back. I learned about it (The Art of Fielding) from the Inside the PGA Tour with Roberto Castro. He has a website called all things that are good. He raves about this book, and if anyone is into music he has some great insights on his favorite record stores around the country. P.S. Finished LSW last week, and it was amazing. I will...
I was B-fir for Bridgestone B330-S golf balls. 1. Jimmy Walker -14 2. Brendon Todd -15 3. Ryo Ishikawa -17
-Lowest Score Wins -The Art of Fielding -Four Fish
Played a round today after a weekend filled with wakeboarding/surfing, jetskiing many other cabin activities.... Needless to say I was sore in muscles I didn't know I had, so I prepared for the worst. To my surprise, I played very well even if my swing was out-of-sorts. Shot an 80 on a very tight course in the north woods. Not very long (6200) but it was demanding off the tee with a 140 slope. Driver wasn't as good as the last few rounds, but I blame my stiff muscles more...
3.75 mile run 30-30 circuit with... Planks Walk out to push ups Med ball ab twist One leg RDL KB squats KB swings
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