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Perhaps swinging out of your shoes to achieve a 104 mph swing speed with a 5 iron is causing your inability to control the direction of your shots.
You need to send them to a plating shop, to have the chrome chemically removed. It's really not a "do it yourself" project.
I'm not a professional fitter, but I'll add my 2 cents. I would seriously consider trying those clubs with an R flex shaft. I'm a few years older than you, in the same boat for SS not getting any faster, and plated S flex until 3 weeks ago. The fitter told me I "fit" into either R or S. After much thought, and taking a realistic look at the facts, I'm not getting any younger, I chose to buy G15s with regular flex. After 2 rounds, it was a good decision. I can load these...
Have any of you guys heard the phrase "You're not good enough to get that mad"??
I prefer GI avocados
If your drives never get more than 7 feet off the ground, you likely need some adjustments made to your swing. Get that in order, then you can be properly fit to a driver. 
Keep the clubs, replace the "friends"
This whole thread reeks of BS
 I was taught , if you can't say something nice, say nothing, so......NOTHING
Just wondering, how did you play clubs with shafts several flexes too stiff for 18 months and not notice anything wrong?
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