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shortening my swing was the best thing for me. I didnt know i had an overswing until i recorded myself. After that it took me a while to get used to the short swing but it is all worth it. Accuracy and more solid shots and I dont lose any distance.
Nope, it stays down to the ground the whole time.
for solid contact, keeping and maintaining my right knee flex was the answer. At the beginning, i would try to keep my head still but the results were about 50% solid contact, when i added the following the tip, my contact went from 50% to 90% solid contact on all strikes. Of course grip, posture, ball position are also critical, but that is assuming you mastered these tips already. Another tip is to shorten backswing. Also i started choking down on the club after I heard...
keep your right knee flex. Your right knee is straightening out on your back swing which can cause you to hit fat. Also at the same time your left knee is sticking out too much to the ball during the backswing.
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