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Austads has a lot of last years drivers. Also Calaway has a used club site that has like new refurbished clubs. Global golf also has used clubs. I bought a Geomax driver from them that I love.
Hey TubbyRob, They are right that there are a lot of great courses in SoCal. I play mostly in the Northern L.A. County area. My favorite public courses are: Simi Hills - good price and well kept Olivas Links - just redone and now is a links type course Soule Park - in Ojai is quite a drive though Knollwood - $37.50 with a cart - tough track with tough greens but fun - cute cart girls too! Elkins Ranch - it is a tight course but I really have fun there - best burgers...
I really struggle with the mental side of the game. I put too much pressure on myself and think too much. I play my best when I am alone and do not keep score. For those swho strike tha ball well on the range but are struggling with scoring, I really think you should play afew "no pressure" rounds. It has really helped me.
I have to disagree with most of you guys. Maybe because I'm a higher handicap golfer. I have a very bad back that limits my turn and A.J. Bonar's method has allowed me to play golf again. I now am able to use a more lattereal motion keeping my back to the target as long as possible and am getting great results with an aggressive forearm rotation. I do have a draw and can hook from time to time but all in all I am finally improving. I guess it boils down to what is righ t...
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