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OK, so maybe she played competitive golf. So what--so have I. The point is she has no business commentating on golf. PERIOD!!!! I will take Dottie Pepper over her(and most guy announcers also) because Dottie definitely sounds like she knows what she is talking about--and she can get away with calling the US team "chokin' freakin' dogs"--because Dottie has been there. Dottie sells herself so much better, as does Judi Rankin. KT just doesn't fit in this position. I do...
OK, what about the other female idiot(not to sound chauvanistic at all, but...) Inga Hammond???? How annoying is she?? I hate everything agout her as well. It's not just those two. The one new guy with the English accent(not Faldo) is egually disturbing. Bring back Peter Kessler!!!!
And what about the other one--Inga Hammond???? Just as bad--god why does the Gold Channel do this to us!!!!?????
I am also so fed up with Kelly Tihlman as well. I actually change the channel whenever she opens her mouth. She is so mousey sounding. And her freakin' blow fest with Tiger Woods is just disgusting. It was bad before her "lynch" comment, but now it has been even more obvious. I don't want to wish anyone to lose their job, but I just wish Golf Channel would do something with her besides allowing her to be the main anchor.
New Posts  All Forums: