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After reading some of these posts I do believe that it is my pivot more than anything.....Any idea of drill to work on to improve my pivot and or to do it the right way????
I have been playing golf for six years now....I have at least three more months until i get on the course...(gotta love upstate, NY) Here is my issue: At address everything is fine but when I start my take away i tend to shift my shoulders forward and keep my left foot planted on the ground (Hitting a low snap hook......I feel like I have no bend in my left knee to get my motion going....I had a lesson about 2 years ago and the Pro told me to roll my left foot onto the...
I am new to this wonderful website that I wish I had found before yesterday! I love to tinker(but not too much that it negatively effects my game) and have been interested in working with lead tape to get a better feel for some of my clubs(Specifically wedges) that I push to the right quite regularly.....Any Ideas of how to do this and or where to buy the best lead tape?????
Today I shot a 58 on tiger woods 2009! Up here in Northern NY its a balmy 10 degrees and this sunday a high of -5 for the day! I envy all you folks that can play year round!
Orange Powerade or just plain old water........
My home course is www.malonegolfclub.com great Robert Trent Jones and Donald Ross Courses.....Take the video tour of the course and then check and see how much it cost to be a member you will be amazed!!!!!
Ebay has a million options....Go to your local course and demo some fairway woods and hybrids then write down what they are and go hunting for them on ebay, callawaypreowned.com and other stores that is your best bet....Make sure you hit the clubs first!
I work in upper management for a not for profit company with at risk youth
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