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3 wood standard is 43", 5 wood is 42", I've seen factory drivers range fron 44" to 47" but 45" was considered standard for a graphite shaft.
It ws a lot of money but still stupid, Moved from Dallas, TX to Lancaster, PA Q- what was you longest round of golf
I went to the local Dick's yesterday for my normal supplies balls, tees and was just looking around and saw the Callaway FT ibrids $1499.99 for the set. Who on this planet can justify paying that much for a set of clubs?
Pinnacle Gold FX Long Pinnacle, an industry-leading brand synonymous with distance, is the official golf ball for all LDA-sanctioned competitions. (from the LDA web site) Great for all out distance but I can't get them to stop on the green.
Just curious, but how does the ball know the difference between side, back or top spin?
All Long Drive competition overseen by the Long Drivers of America use USGA conforming heads, there’s a slight length of shaft variation (approx 1.5” longer) than allowed by USGA. Strength plays very little in the sport of long drive it’s all clubhead speed.
Just to change shafts you will need. A bench vise Rubber pads to hold the shaft in the vise Heat gun or torch - to heat and loosen epoxy bond. A good glove to grab the head and twist off while still hot. If changing steel shafts only no shaft puller is needed, but required if pulling graphite shafts. A wire brush or equivalent to remove cured epoxy from the heads. A good shaft cutter A 48” ruler to measure shaft length A ferrule installation tool to make that...
If your truly looking for a low spin head, check out the long drive component companies (Krank, Geek, All out golf, Smt) they all make there long drive heads in normal lofts and they are lower spin than factory clubs.
Seems like a great Idea but there site kind of contradicts itself. example If I hit my 7 iron dead on every time, wouldn't I want the entire set built to that 7 iron spec just changing lofts, not to my W-T-F measurement. Just a thought
Grafalloy PROLAUNCH BLUE 55 .335 X Flex according to web site He has 1 left http://www.2puttgolf.com/Closeouts.html
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