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Been thinking about getting some new irons this year. Looking at the HiBore irons from Cleveland. I need some pros and cons from some who has played them. Thanks in advance.
How many wins did Monti have in Europe verses wins in the U.S.A. Let McIlroy come over here and play a few and then compare.
I don,t think this is true at all. I know that i will never be able to beat a PGA golfer or even play against one but I can still get in the 70,s now and again and I don,t call myself a hack.
Have to go with a hometown boy, J.B. Holmes for me.
I play in a couple of different groups. One likes to play from the back and other the front. mostly we just pick a box at about 6300 yds. most are happy with this.
Bass Fishing
usually a couple will do and won,t have any effect on my game but have a few more and my game goes downhill very fast.
hey PiKapp23 you might be talking about Cherry Blossom in Georgetown out by toyota. This course is very nice if you haven,t played it.
Played my first round on a golf simulator, shot 90. Nothing like real golf but with 15 deg. at 8am it beats setting at home.
Hi everyone Lee here from Kentucky. Can,t wait for warm weather. Glad i found this site to keep me busy till it gets here. I did get to play my first round of golf on a golf simultor this morning. Shot 90 its not easy.
New Posts  All Forums: