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LT's and LT2's IMO are some of the most underrated irons ever made. I loved mine, held on to them longer than any other set in recent memory
I put an NV85 in my Sonartec 3 wood, I also had an NV65 in a HiBore driver a while back. I love the 85, but I had that one pured. I hated the 65, guess what, didn't have it pured. I would strongly suggest getting that shaft pured, the NV65, while being a great shaft, was notorious for having inconsistencies related to manufacturing.
Have a buddy that's gaming a Hibore with a V2 76g, he smokes it, but he's also on the south side of 5 as far as handicaps go so he'd probably smoke it with a hickory shaft too :)
Makes total sense, and it's a tough spot because I'd probably be griping too even though I know I've got no grounds to do so. Hey, look at the bright side, I know that if I put my driver down from time to time and just hit my 3 wood, I'd probably score better
I hate to say it, but he's right. Your club was out of warranty, Callaway was nice enough to send you a free club, they could have told you to buy a new one.
Great grips... Corded in the right areas, soft in the right areas as well.
Seriously? what about Lamkin, I'm pretty confident they're beating up on Winn and probably a lot closer to Golf Pride than you think...
Really? I live in the same state as you and I swear by them, played them in 30* temps last November at the Legends, while the weren't as soft as they would be at 85*, I don't think they were any harder than any other rubber grip.
Love these threads, they always get so heated Scotty makes a fantastic putter, I have three of them and would never sell a single one of them. The new Studio Select looks incredible as well, I'd even consider buying one, but I'd probably never game it (yes I'm a collector, but I collect putters, not Camerons). There are people that make better putters, Slighter, Byron, and C&L come to mind, they just don't make as many and they typically charge more than it costs to...
I agree completely, as much as it pains me to say, I love Taylormade (the apparent Micro$oft of golf) products. I have a Superquad that may leave the bag only to be buried with me, and I tried to boot my LT2's with a set of MP57's, only to see them back in the bag two rounds after the start of the season. I quoted the above because I was confused. Why would you want to practice with a different shaft than you play in tournaments? To me, the would be about the worst...
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