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Laphroaig.   This is good stuff.  Trader Joes $32.99.  Drinking a little tonight.   A few of my friends think its too strong.  Bah.  Its perfect.
I don't find it funny at all.  I think its retarded.  I also do not find it offensive.  If you find it offensive, then you are probably the kind of person that ought to be thrown into the sea chained to an anchor.            
The SKS was a freebie from elsewhere - I'd never buy one.  
This sort of reminds me of my epic thread wherein I asked The Sand Trap community about whether anyone around here had nailed the beer cart girl.  
With January just about over, how is your 2011 shaping up to be?   I think people are sick and tired of the negativity that this depression has brought us, and that things may be looking to get good again.   Am I wrong?  Are any of you noticing your business improving, your job prospects / pay / career getting any better?   I sure hope so, and hope I'm not the only one who thinks that 2011 is going to rock.  
The tail end of 2010 rocked for me and my businesses, and 2011 is looking awesome.  No complaints here!
I can't really tell if you are trying to be funny, or this is just a stupid comment.   I'll err on the safe side, and go to bed thinking it is just a stupid comment.
I hold a CCW in 4 states.  I own three Benelli M4 shotguns, a Benelli M2 shotgun, a Benelli M1 shotgun, a loaded M1A, a Socom II, a Socom 16, a Sig 556, two MSAR Steyr Aug style rifles, an SKS, a Remington 870 with Vang Comp barrel, a Rock River Arms AR, a few Kimber pistols, a few HK pistols, a few GLOCK pistols, a S&W TRR7 hand cannon revolver...that's off the top of my head.    I'm ready for the end, but I've not fired off one round in over a year.   Does that...
Was just making sure it was clear.
Perhaps you can point me out to the part where I was whining.Oh, you can't. Noted.
New Posts  All Forums: