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Sorry to do this, but I will have to cancel for Saturday. Was informed today that there is a job opportunity this saturday that I just can't pass up. Money coming in is always better than going out, even if it is for golf. I hope to make a future outing with this group!
The tee time doesn't matter to me. I can make it any time.
I am still good to go for the 15th.   -Mike
Hey Guys,   I am pretty new to nor cal and just discovered this group. I have caught up on all the posts to this thread and if there is any room on the 15th I would love to play.   -Mike
Entered. Hoping I am the lucky one that wins this awesome driver.
My best shot ever came on the 18th at Tustin Ranch Golf Club in so cal. It is a par 4 about 400 yds. with 2 big trees guarding each side of the fairway about 200 yds. out. I hit my tee shot right into the left tree and ricocheted back so I was directly behind it. The green has 3 tiers with water front and left and a front pin. I hit a slinging 3 iron from about 210 around the tree, over the water, and even though I didn't actually see the ball land and finish, was told...
Bridgestone: Driven to fit your game
I could use a tour striker because maybe for the first time in history, a man can teach his significant other golf without any arguements. Just figure out a way to hit it straight and consistant and you will be a good ball striker.
I won a free swing evaluation once. They interview you to find out any flaws in your game, film your swing, analyze your swing, and fix your setup. From there, they will pressure you to buy into one of their plans. I wasn't really looking to purchase any lessons, just use my free swing eval so the latter was more annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: