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Good info there.  I hope you are able to progress towards some of the results you are looking for.   Best of luck!!!
Thanks for posting bossfrog!!!  I am anxious to hear what the pros have to say about it, but I would agree it seems that one major issue you are having is your weight getting trapped on your right side.  Perhaps do some research into ways to more efficiently transfer your weight forward.  I will check around as well and see if I can find anything.     Best of luck!
That's very true, I think Laura Davies also had this particular quirk to her swing.  Well, I guess what i would be most keen on improving would be score.  I tend to let myself have too many blow up holes.  My issues typically occur AFTER my approach shot.  Should I leave my swing alone for now and focus on short game work?  My biggest issue is that I HATE "practicing" (Iverson Syndrome).  Difficult to keep my attention focused on the task when I feel like I am just hitting...
So I went home and tried this out a bit.  Should I feel as though my weight is in my heels and I am leaning back, and just reaching out to hit the ball?  Where should my weight be distributed along my feet for proper balance and shot execution.  I have had my weight on the balls of my feet for my entire golfing career...  This is unsettling lol.
Here are two shots of what I mean with my feet...  
I have been giving a lot of thought to ways I can improve my swing and it seems to me that there are two major differences between my swing and that of very low handicappers. 1) At impact I tend to get up on my toes rather than staying planted e.g. Rory, Adam Scott, Sergio,etc. 2) I don't have the same amount of lag in my down swing that they have... When I consciously try to increase the lag in my down swing, I just weakly hit it low and right very poorly. In my...
My wife and I are taking a trip to Myrtle Beach in April and we are planning on playing about 4 rounds of golf while there.  This is our first time going, and we are a little overwhelmed by the abundance of great courses there.  Are there any courses that we should not miss out on while there?  Any recommendations as to courses that we should look into, and why?  If you were faced with the choice, what would be the 4 that you play, and why?  Thanks for all of your help.
Anyone out there hit em yet? Any feedback? Playability, feel, performance, looks, sound? Is the surefit hosel legitimate? Is it worth buying, if im currently hitting the 907d2 very well? What can I expect from the D2 vs. D3? And will the difference be easily discernible? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.
your backswing looks quite flat, and so your first move at the top of your backswing is up which is why you are coming into the ball vertically and fading, explaining the flat-->vertical swing. Ideally, you would want your backswing to be a little more upright, and your downswing a little lower and flatter to be more on plane.
btw, what program did you use to edit your video and slow it down and such?
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