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My understanding:   Head covers were originally created to protect wooden clubs' finish from the elements, so they served an actual functional need.   When metal woods came on the scene, the practice continued, with much of the real need having been lost.   The added benefits of sound dampening and finish protection due to scuffing are now the primary reason to have them, which is more preference, as has been stated.   And of course, aesthetics and vanity come with...
And his first two rounds were with Fowler and Woods.
Dustin doesn't appear at awards ceremony; has left the grounds, no interviews.   Poor dude.
Grace hits it against the Road Hole Wall
Poor Jason.  He looks like he could vomit at any second.   And then he bombs his drive past DJ's on #7.  Amazing.
Horschel spoke his mind in the post-round. Paraphrased. "I should've been 6 or 7 under today, but the greens were so bad blah blah blah" "I lost some respect for the USGA today"   The agony of defeat.     Ha!  Oh Billy.  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/golf-devil-ball-golf/billy-horschel-performs--these-greens-are-terrible--interpretive-dance-194600809.html
I know,  Makes no sense.  Fox's whole coverage has been glitchy, nicest I can put it.
No worse, in fact probably better, than Torrey or Pebble late in the day. The only real complaint that's justifiable this week is the fan experience/access to walking all the holes.  Seems they could've build more walkways/structures to make that happen. Like it or not, the USGA's priority is around preserving par and providing the sternest test of golfers - physically and mentally - of the year.  That's been accomplished. The "fairness" is relative, and if truth be known,...
Rosy == Justin Rose == England  ;-)
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