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really great stuff here, guys. I'm looking forward to taking some of these drills to the range, especially the toes up, ankle roll, and limbo/bat signal drills. Seems like a really excellent way to categorize and focus on what's important.
Haven't read all of the thread, so pardon if I'm being redundant, but here's my take on this whole discussion.   Seems like what Brandel's calling Tiger out for is more about spirit than technicality.  In golf, there's a tradition that favors the integrity of the game beyond any doubt about scores and results.   Over and over again throughout the life of the sport, golfers are revered for disqualifying themselves, calling penalties on themselves, etc.  My understanding...
In light of the Tiger situation at the Masters this weekend, anyone changing their minds on this?   Anything new to add to the discussion as a result of the decision to keep Tiger in the tournament by the Masters Rules Committee?   I'm still thinking through my position on the poll question.  My off the cuff response is to vote no, but I'm still assessing and am very open to all sides of the issue.
watching round one on tv now.  Man that kikuyu grass is crazy weird for predicting lie & reaction.
Anyone watching?  Man that kikuyu is crazy grass.
Anyone know if there is a set policy for listing players on the leaderboard when they have the same score?  How is it determined in which order the players are listed?   I've tried to figure it out on my own, to no avail.   If there's a link out there which covers this topic, please share.   Thanks!
After reading the whole thread,  I vote yes.  I like to think of this as all the golfing world's dedication to preserving the integrity of the sport.  This practice won't increase, either.  Players have always known that this is possible even before t.v. and the internet, it's happened before, and they and their caddies will continue to hone their knowledge, police themselves, or else face strokes or DQ and the accompanying media swirl when they don't call themselves out...
Big congrats! Now that you've achieved that goal in 2010, I think you have to up the ante for 2011!   In addition to the 3 pars, what were some other notables about the round that got you into double digits for the first time?  What improvements to your game allowed you to get below 100?
I saw Hank Haney's the other night.   He talked about how Tiger practiced.  He said that one thing Tiger does is practice all nine shot trajectory and direction combinations with all clubs, so low, med, high trajectory with draw, straight, and fade directions.  He said this is a great way to see what really see what your swing is like.   Though I'm guessing other pros do this too, it was the first time I had ever heard someone talk about a pro, any pro, doing...
Really pathetic for GC to pull this stunt to get a lot of folks' hopes up when there really was no chance to begin with.   Watched Karen and Wayne -- duds.   Haven't seen the third finalist.
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