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A good effort by Bobby to present the fundamentals of clean contact in the impact zone. Unfortunately, I have been unable to understand the concept of the Aiming Point as described in the golf book .
This golf book is very easy to read and the drawings are very helpful so you can know exactly what the author is talking about and practice it.
As a newbie in golf , I play from the middle tee box
Thanks for image
This book's not too bad. Fred Shoemaker gently and persuasively reminds us that golf is an experience, rather than a result. It's only by being aware and in the moment that we can really enjoy the experience - or play our best. Yet, as he clearly illustrates, the "Culture of Golfers" is to focus on the results and on what's wrong with our game... which robs us of both the enjoyment, and the potential to play to our full ability.
I also read his other book "The Art of Putting
I agree....the Jenkins book, Dead Solid Perfect and Who's Your Caddy are a fun read.
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