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Thank you anybody who sees this...   I've hit the wall a little bit.   My Evolver lessons have pointed out that I tend to start my swing with a close the face wrist roll... we've worked on everything else and overall, my swing feels better but this seems to be the crux of my issues.  I'm being encouraged to try and get my wrists to more "upright" vs the the wrist-roll-close move you'll see in the DTL video.  In doing so... the thought is I'll come down less shallow and...
Still working on the pivot (not the standing/jumping part).  I don't feel like I'm making progress.  My left wrist is actually kind of flat now which is good.  I'm still hitting it a little fat... frustrating.  Thoughts?  
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 20 years or more My average score is: About 86 My typical ball flight is: Draw or a weak fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hook     I'm waiting for my evolvr lesson to get back to me.  It's a short pitch using my pivot and having my left wrist naturally stay flat on inline.  I know the pivot is still stalling... I just don't know how to fix it.  Thoughts?  
"To adjust playback speed if you're using the Chrome browser, click the Settings icon in the lower-right corner of the playback window, then click the Speed selector. Choose 0.25 for quarter-speed playback or 0.5 for half-speed."
Grr,   So I finally figured out how to watch vids in slow motion on Youtube...   The pivot is still stalled!  My contact with the ball happens when my belt buckle is facing the ball.  I "thought" that my buckle was facing the target at impact... guess not.   So frustrating!!!
Posted this to evolvr today.  Thought I'd post here as well.  Thoughts good and bad are welcome.     Chip/pitch trying to get the pivot correct with the clubhead staying behind the hands.      
iacas,   I will... likely today or tomorrow... I'm just impatient... not a great golf temperament/trait to have.
mvmac,   thank you.   i tried standing/jumping and right now it's just an odd feeling so i think it's going to take some time.  i have a setup in the garage to practice chips/short pitches so i'll be working on it.   i still feel though it's the arms/wrists.  if i hold on to the "lag" i sometimes feel temporarily like i'm hitting more solid/compressed (i know this is not the way to go).  but then i go back to slightly fat eventually.  if i just relax the arms/wrists...
Since Xmas... I'm admittedly impatient
So I've started some online lessons (evolvr) and I've been working on my pivot and subsequently my hands staying forward.  Half swings/chips is all... trying to have my pivot really drive my arms and not flip.  I'm stuck.   It's better but not better/better.  1/2 the time it's clean and compressed.  1/2 the time it's still fat.  Is it possible my hands just need to be educated longer?  My finish seems like the left wrist is flat but I could be wrong (I'll have some video...
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