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First off, it's ridiculous that the players can't throw things to the fans.  That's one of the cool traditions on the PGA Tour.  I wonder if they can just hand the fans stuff, lol?!?  Ridiculous nonetheless.   As for Tiger playing the event, it's great for the PGA Tour.  This event is always one of my favorite regular Tour stops, and Tiger's addition makes it one the most anticipated of the season.  The first few events of 2015 will be solid, but this one will go to the...
I'll never be looked at as a Tiger fan by any means, but Golf Digest should be ashamed for letting this tasteless article be published.  This might help sales because of the "shock" factor mentioned above, but the negative ramifications will outshine that in the end.  It's a pretty surprising article to say the least.  SMH
Keegan Bradley is way too high, but other than that, it's not a bad list.  I'm looking forward to seeing how things go this season.  I expect big things from Rory, Spieth, Fowler, etc.  
 That's why I'm surprised they didn't sit out the afternoon match to be ready for tomorrow morning.  I don't like them as a foursomes duo either, but he almost crippled himself by playing them both matches on day one.  You know he won't sit Mickelson/Bradley both matches tomorrow, although that may not be an awful decision.  We'll see, but there are a number of decisions to make for tomorrow's afternoon pairings.  It should be interesting, and hopefully the Americans play...
 I'll be pretty surprised if we see Webb playing tomorrow, but maybe something will click on the range to get him out in afternoon foursomes.  That being said, you can't really hide a guy in foursomes if he's not playing well.  That puts A LOT of pressure on the other player.  Depending on what happens in the morning of course, I'm guessing the afternoon will look something like this for the US:  Reed/Spieth, Mahan/Johnson, Mickelson/Bradley, and Fowler/Walker.
The only surprise to me was not playing Reed/Spieth instead of Mickelson/Bradley in the afternoon foursomes, but that wasn't the end of the world by any means.  I knew Phil would take a break at some point, and I'd rather see him playing in four ball than foursomes.  Phil won't be playing the four ball tomorrow morning, and that's because he played both matches today.  That's not the best strategy to me, but other than that, I can't gripe about anything else.   I like...
I'll be getting up at 6 or so too. My day is busy tomorrow, so I'm going to have to miss the four ball. I'll catch the foursomes though, and I won't miss any of Saturday or Sunday's action. I'm bummed to miss the opening four ball, but sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day! Lol
I get why Furyk is sitting out in the morning due to his poor record in the format, but I'm not sure I could sit him if I was captain.  The same goes for Kuchar, but we will see how it goes.  I don't really like the match-ups for the U.S. except Fowler and Walker.  I think they will get a point, but the other three matches are up in the air for me.  Reed/Spieth could get hot and feed off each other very well, but on the other hand, Reed could shoot 80.  I give credit to...
Bubba Watson can be a baby at times, and he's not on my top-10 list or anything. That bring said, he's still a genuine guy and family man who gives back quite a bit. He just feels more comfortable at certain venues/events, and he lets it known when he doesn't. I'd much rather a guy like him than a guy who just smiles and waves every week. Some of you definitely took it a bit too far. Lol
I definitely think Rory will win the Claret Jug tomorrow, but I think it will get interesting. One or two of those guys will make a run at some point, but even if McIlroy shoots 72 or 73, he'll be tough to catch. It's crazy how quickly it went from "crazy Sunday finish" to "possibly boring Martin Kaymer U.S. Open finish." Lol I'll be up fairly early and watching though. Three of my favorites are in the last two groups along with Rory.
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