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Damn, that's harsh. Lol. That being said, it's probably accurate unfortunately. I really like Horschel this week, and Villegas might surprise after a solid showing in U.S. Open qualifying and a great record here.
The guy was on a talk show at age 3 for crying out loud, so the pressure has been there awhile. How about adding something legit or not clicking quote and reply? Thank ya.
I already watch a lot of coverage on The Golf Channel.  If Brandel Chamblee left, however, I'd watch a lot more.  I've never liked the guy, and he says at least one or two dumb things every time he's in front of the camera.  I'm certainly no Tiger Woods fan, but Chamblee's had  thing against Tiger for as long as I can remember.  Surely, The Golf Channel can find a couple better people to replace Chamblee and Rymer. Haha.   Tiger has tried to fix things for awhile, and he...
I voted for Spieth in this one. Rory was awesome this past weekend, but he also played 7 rounds in 5 days and had a birthday Monday. I think he'll be in the top 20 or so going into the weekend and will end up in the top 10, but I think Spieth will be in contention from the start and is my pick to win this weekend. I hope they both play great and finish 1-2. That's what's best for golf right now!
Wow, I didn't think going for the green would provide that much better scoring than laying up. Those are remarkable statistics. I figured going for it off the tee is the better choice but not by that margin. What a fantastic short hole!
There is a long way to go, but I don't think anyone will be shooting 64-64 on the weekend this year. The course is already firm and fast, and I'm guessing it will get tougher the next few days. 10 to 12 under should be looking good Sunday afternoon. Good stuff!
 If we would've steamrolled them in Sunday singles, there wouldn't have been any criticism.  Criticism comes with losing, and we've done plenty of that lately in this event.  LOL.  Other than Azinger, DLIII did about as well anyone else the last 20 years or so.  He's a "players" kind of coach, and that's what it needed the most with the United States.  The Europeans are damn good, however, and it may not matter who is our captain.  I don't necessarily love the choice, but...
First off, it's ridiculous that the players can't throw things to the fans.  That's one of the cool traditions on the PGA Tour.  I wonder if they can just hand the fans stuff, lol?!?  Ridiculous nonetheless.   As for Tiger playing the event, it's great for the PGA Tour.  This event is always one of my favorite regular Tour stops, and Tiger's addition makes it one the most anticipated of the season.  The first few events of 2015 will be solid, but this one will go to the...
I'll never be looked at as a Tiger fan by any means, but Golf Digest should be ashamed for letting this tasteless article be published.  This might help sales because of the "shock" factor mentioned above, but the negative ramifications will outshine that in the end.  It's a pretty surprising article to say the least.  SMH
Keegan Bradley is way too high, but other than that, it's not a bad list.  I'm looking forward to seeing how things go this season.  I expect big things from Rory, Spieth, Fowler, etc.  
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