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I finally figured out who Brian Skatell reminds me of. For all you poker fans Skatell is a lesser version of none other than Phil Hellmuth. Both have an overdeveloped sense of their own talent. Yes PH has won more bracelets than anyone else, but his game is very out of date, and he gets eaten alive by the younger internet types. Skatell's comments like, "I pured it, 20 feet past the hole" are very much like, "Honey, he called me with queen ten off, these northern...
You are exactly correct. HB
I'd love to see Andrew and Kevin outlast Blake and Mike, they would throw fits if it happened, I am sure. HB
Hi folks, I recently picked up the Golf Channel when we upgraded our cable package. I immediately got hooked on The Big Break. I am watching Big Break Disney on Tuesdays. I also have watched Big Break PEI, Michigan, and Mesquite on the Golf Channel's website. However those three series are the only ones which are posted on the website for viewing. I was wondering if anyone knew where one could see the other Big Break series? HB
No offense taken, I have learned a that a great sense of humor is an asset to someone like myself, its a zen thing!! Essentialy, you are saying any low spin ball is what I need to be gaming. HB
Your comments are spot on. HB
I can't hit a hybrid with less than 25* of loft at all, The 9 wood I carry fits the niche that most people carry a hybrid for I guess. HB
Does anyone have a lot of experience with both of these ? I am wondering which one is suited to my 100+score golf game? HB
Yep, 1 win, 2 happy countries. HB
My putter is face balanaced and I like it a lot. HB
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