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Phil Mickleson -8 Tiger Woods -8
 I received mine yesterday (even got the BOGO!!! thanks wasn't expecting that!).  So it took 3 days.  Can't wait to try it out.
I ordered one today.  Looks great.  Lag and flying wedge is definately something I need to work on.
Do you guys ever come out around Chicago?  I know Nick did something this summer, but the dates didn't work for me.
Congrats Lee!!! I really have no problem with him not winning a major. It just shows how strong the rest of his resume has been in spite of not winning a major. If he had snuck one of those out in the last two years he probably would have gotten number 1 before now. Next year should be great to watch with the number of players who have a shot at number 1.
Maybe your swing is way too steep and he wants you to get the feeling of a flatter swing?
I use a slightly arcing stroke, but prefer a face balanced putter. Toe weighted putters just don't feel right to me. I currently use an Odessey White Hot XG Rossie
Nice Graphic
That shot would be a lot better for me if he made the putt. Missing it takes a little away from it.
I was hoping Lili would win but owell. The both played pretty poorly tho.
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