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I've lived in the DFW area for .... 50 years. Grew up in Dallas, and living now in the north 'burbs ... Flower Mound, which has great access to many area public and daily upscale golf courses.   In general, north of Dallas is thought to be better than south of Dallas.   I would advise you avoid Mansfield and Midlothian ... south of Dallas -- known for pollution from steel and cement plants, and it is south of Dallas, meaning when you want to get to Dallas, you've got...
Oh, her ... wonder where she came from ... she's competent.
So does this mean Watson was never Captain of the RC?        
With social media or within an organization, my thinking has evolved on leadership and letting the personal curtain down.   As a leader, I think you must observe yourself carefully and make statements, whether in social media or within your organization, as that leader, and not necessarily revealing your personal views or letting down your guard to show too much of a personal side.   Certainly, you can reveal your warmth, empathy, direct your questions, and use your...
Pete Cowan -- spiral staircase -- DVD -- over 3 years ago.
Thx for the above comments.   I think many people, me included, expect Adams to disappear soon, scarfed down by its behemoth parent with the voracious appetite who was ordered to get "lean and mean."   I did not see the integration working out, the Tour brand and the "Rest of Us" brand, over the past 2 years. So any sign ...
It occurred yesterday, so it's a long glitch. And typically, one receives a "We are working on the website. Will be back soon." None of that. Odd from a large organization such as TM.
www.adamsgolf.com     is gone...   and not on the taylormade website.   Inevitable, given TM... done?   If you want to buy adams golf product ... you may find it at auction soon.
All true. New shafts will kill resale ... not that resale or trading will get you anything in this market -- it does not. I want to keep what I buy. My journey was a long one. I went Edel CB with Recoil 95 ... I don't want to buy any other irons for several years. Same with wedges, and the putter. Once I was to a point where someone could guess where I'd be if I did what they taught me to do (lol), I went with it. I want to be happy with my equipment, make it personal, and...
But true... Feel is not real ... and what people have found over the years with instructional articles is that the pictures and the text do not match. That's why it's best to video as much as possible.. you may feel you are doing it one way, but the video says something else... tough game, this golf.
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