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Sergio has great talent, and analysts/instructors call it "float loading."   As you begin the downswing, one takes advantage of the natural gravitational floatiness (made that up) to increase the angle...
I agree. Was blown away by the score. Was actually waiting for this, but they sort of hung with Miss St and ole Miss after getting their doors blown off in the first half, but the Tide kept on coming, A&M is good if its offense stays on the field and they can run. If they cannot run... A&M is a bad team at the moment.  It is a young, athletic, undisciplined, lacking detailed skills team that has deteriorated with each game. Had friends that even went to the cupcake...
Comeback Player of the Year ... a win of some type.   I think he will find, or has found, an instructor, and they will tweak.
General opinion for an average Joe swing with medium tempo who does not cast... that's tough. You may like a 70g shaft. But generally, a golfer w a 90 Driver SS wants more speed, and OEMs, including Titleist, think a lighter shaft that is mid to low kick with an active tip that is reinforced, may help in general. That's why Titleist offered a made for Mitsu Bassara W 50 shaft - liteweight, active tip reinforced with titanium fibers. You could back off the loft a bit with...
Edit:   We posted right after another.   Sideways.... some language NSFW   What's with the hostility?   About 3-4 different issues here, and they are all wrong... but funny.           So I will add the classic (NSFW):  
My thoughts, fwiw, is that 7g in your hand mean little. 7g at the end of a long stick means a lot. And the location on the head where it was removed will have an effect.
From your first post, you stated that you're fine on the range when chipping and pitching, and that it may be mental.   Yes, it does sound like you need a new mental approach. I did.   What happens to you, happens to me, and I follow the quickie chipping and pitching vids mentioned here.   Tension, anticipation, expectation ... all mess with your mind and then your body. Save the technical swing stuff for the house or the range.   When playing golf, you need to...
I only grumble at slow play. I do not care about their hc or swings. Just play at a pace that does not hold up anyone else.
^^^^ Agree. That was a concern that came to mind but forgot to mention it. If not conforming, see if Titleist has a 1g weight that fits.
Cows shake off hangover from last week's Seattle win to dominate in second half. Curse of Eli is broken. Run ball, keep Eli and the "No Pass Rush" Defense off the field.
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