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Bridgestone e6 is a distance ball made for less spin.   In the meantime, I'd work with someone to find consistency.
Actually, that's the point I was making with your posts ... Snapping? Just do not see a lot hinging-unhinging here.     
Heartbreaking loss...
Well, Lincicome got nerrrrrvous and left that putt really, really short and missed the par...   playoff in progress with Inbee ...    Looks as if Lincicome putts off her back foot .... weird ... at least on the missed par putt on 18.
I know what Sned's looks like and his setup ... I have no idea about what you think you do and what you do.  That's not a knock on you or anyone else -- too many times, I've heard what guys think they do and when they see what they do on video ... they can't believe what they see ... me included.
Watch it on television and see if you agree. Of course, a putt, depending on its length, does not have a lot of shoulder movement. Typically, the shoulders move the arms, and the arms experience little/no independent movement. The float load is described on this site. If you've got to putt like that to make the putt go where you aim, my thought was that putter does not fit you at all, and you are full of compensations. Feel free to experiment and ignore what the unheralded...
Pettersen seems very uncertain of herself today... doesn't look confident at all so far ... practice swings, the putting thing... the shots.
I think TGC has been watching the five groups of 50+ men with whom I play when I visit a client ... it's their weekly game,, especially #3 thru #7.
I'm watching Sneds putt on television ... that's not how he putts. He uses his shoulders and float-loads the putter on the thru-stroke. But good luck.
Good for him, bad for the wallet in the short term. He can play better, look other players in the eye, and make more money with a clear conscience.   I believe we see a lot of missed shorties when a pro gets a tad careless and puts a firm stroke on the ball, or in this case, a whiffed one.
New Posts  All Forums: