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So what were the issues you had afterwards, and Do you have a consistent setup and stroke -- putting stroke analyzed in a SAM Lab?
Check your wallet...
My opinion is that a book/DVD does not take the place of personal instruction, but a few can get many of the benefits by studying the DVD.  It may take 3-5 viewings of the DVD and rehearsing in the tv room to start. I think personal instruction followed by the DVD is best. As all have stated, determining slope is subtle, and it's helpful and vital to have someone familiar to help with slope. Slope determination, I assume, is slightly different for everyone, so it's good to...
Why not buy the DVD and later decide if you need the class?   Let's not overthink it... just do it.
Good info.
It makes better sense, to me, to purchase a driver with a very light head and very light shaft -- and forget the 3 wood.   I would recommend you look at the Callaway V Series Driver and Heavenwood -- at callawaygolfpreowned.com   e.g., something aerodynamic and ultra-light...
Today's graphite is not your Dad's graphite... or even 7 years ago graphite. But shaft manufacturers recognize the function of a putter and control, and engineer accordingly.
It's the video game generation talking...
Perhaps if Aimpoint Express 1 is not enough motivation or instruction to motivate to attend, it is about a 1 hr class (at least for me it was 1 hr), since the DVD seems to cover Express 1 & 2, perhaps the instructor would offer 1 & 2 in order to make the trip more worthwhile to you. But you would need the DVD afterwards -- as that is a lot of instruction to remember, and individuals will typically experience a loss of retention, especially on details.
Yes, ordered a pair....... not. Did not keep up this year with the show. Morning Drive ... that's another topic.
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