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You always have the outlier ... but there is a reason a solid lower body and square setup is the normal prescription with a rocking or movement of the big muscles (the shoulders). But I think this thread is about sliding the hips on full swing type shots.
That seems like a lot of trouble to eliminate lower body movement. I suspect something else is happening. Try keeping your lower body square, no tilt, no movement, and just rock your shoulders in a relaxed fashion. No need to introduce other compensations...
I asked a local Edel fitter what he thought about the e series standing against a wall with other Edel putters...   Q: "What do you think of them?"     A: "Not much."
On Tour, Chris Kirk won with the BBV Driver the first week it was introduced on the Deutsche Bank:     USA Today Sports Images  Chris Kirk won the Deutsche Bank Championship with a brand-new Callaway Big Bertha V-Series driver.     By  PGA.com   Series: Winner's Bag     What equipment did Chris Kirk and last week's other winners use to achieve victory? We take a peek inside their bags to check out the gear that earned them the...
I would say "no way." Once you burn the bridges with Tiger, it's over ... and there is no coming back. At least, that's what everyone says. Did he get back with Butch?Did he get back with Fluff? Did he get back with Hank? Did he get back with Elin? Did he get back with the 12 women he ___________ around? Did he get back with reporters who burned him? Did he send Brandel a love note? And poor Joe LaCava ... he doesn't say anything ... Smart guy that Joe.
Nike Vapor Driver   Coming to a planet near you     Full of Technology .... Will be the most anticipated driver of the year.      
Similar situation ... friends live in the city, I live north ... but typically, I will go out with one or two other guys I meet up on the tee. 
It's not the number, it's the loft... sometimes they are bent stronger.
You do mean, "you should also look at..." But this is the BBV Thread...   
Looks as if I will carry the Callaway Standard here ...   I have a BBV 10.5/Speeder 565 Combo.   The Speeder adds 12 more grams to the weight and will make it more palatable to those golfers liking the idea of liteweight but not too light.   It is a smooth ride.... Got it out for more time today. I hit some bombs at the range with the 10.5 (+1)/Speeder Combo at 45 inches. Tee'd the ball slightly lower (half the ball still above crown) and received flattish bombs that...
New Posts  All Forums: