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It could be several things ... which is why any answer is a guess.   Even though your LW has only 7 of bounce, the leading edge could be high; it could have a wider sole;   It could be you.  A lot of skulls are caused by tension ... a quick transition, too armsy ... an unrelaxed swing.   You've got to work it out.   And now I realize this is a 6 yr old thread that someone rejuvenated.
When Tiger starts sucking, there is no one better ... at sucking.
I am still trying to figure out how Inbee Park averages 250 with that slo-mo swing. Good contact only does so much.
11 and 12 don't look good for Tiger ... let's see where this goes.
CH III changed instructors not long ago... 
Maybe he can go -7 over the next 8 holes... okay, that's asking him to be SuperMan. Getting between 12-14 under would wake up everyone, including Tiger's mental health.
Yes, and according to the liberal media (any media other than FOX), this happens in every town across the USA, every day, every hour  
stuck ... start over.
excellence in inconsistency...
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