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I think this article from Dallas Morning News offers additional insight:   Recent Masters champion and Dallas native Jordan Spieth says he’s taken so much money from the Cowboys quarterback on the golf course that he can’t even recall the total amount. Spieth revealed that information during a recent appearance on “Jim Rome on Showtime.” “Ha ha. Oh man. I don’t know. I can’t even count that high,” Spieth replied when asked for a figure,according to CBSSports.com. “He’s...
Well, then perhaps I had other issues besides low T, and am resolving them. I allowed too many "things" to bother me even with low T.  I've heard more than a few people state we are a continual work until our last breath -- if we continue to work. If we are unaware of our issues, we remain unaware... asleep. But the weights, sun, diet, maca, some cardio, etc. all help naturally. I would also recommend a good trainer/massage - my guy was a trainer for the Dallas Stars, and...
As a vet of 14 yrs on golf forums, Yes to your post.   Reasons? I don't know if one can point to any primary reason for uncivil discussion or poor grammar.   I have found TST to have polite discussion, heated once in a while, but very civil and intelligent in comparison to others.   Welcome.
Of that list, I've heard of 8/10 over the last 5 years. My T went down after 55 and I would easily get grouchy or bothered, lower energy, etc.   When I do everything but 7 and 8, it helps. May have to try the beans, but I drink Crazy Water, which has Magnesium.   I've also had to incorporate some Zen/Buddhism - letting go, not clinging, who cares attitude, over the last year. It helps with the stress.
Purchased a XR Hyrbid 25 w Fubuki Alpha X Shaft -- First range session -- it's impressive in terms of forgiveness and zip. Can't judge distance yet. Need to get to course.
They put money on the line to make things interesting - it forces them to focus. My son started playing for quarters a hole when he was 14 -- I think it helps a player's attitude and his play. They enjoy it. He would get out of impossible situations - "See that hole up in the trees? I'm gonna' put it through there..." and he did. Since he was all district for 2 years in hs and just finished one out on all regional, I think it helped.
Those are an attractive addition.
That may be, but I've found a big difference between his works and co-authored works. But those were in his middle years, when he began the co-authoring, and after he stopped his original writing. I don't even bother with his work now unless he is the sole author (and then I skim it to see if interesting). He is a brand, and while it is marketing smart to piggyback an unknown with a known author, it's somewhat misleading imho.
Doubt if he wrote it ... when you see a co-author with him, someone else has wrote it, Patterson probably edited it, and they use his name as a brand to sell the book.   Hopefully, it ends this week ... but it may depend on sales.
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