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You didn't answer my other question - Why should non golfers get a better deal than the players do?   ____     Because it's a golf course, and the rider is not playing golf, and not adding to maintenance costs. My guess is  the rider only adds pennies to the cost.The enjoyment of the rider is probably minimal and the stated fee may take that enjoyment into consideration.     As a operator, I would not charge a fee and try to find revenue elsewhere, if revenue can be...
Welllllllll,  I do not see my statement as cynical or short-sighted. I am a businessman. I see the practice as bad business by the course and bad pub -- I stated the long term view. Think of the ride-along as a revenue enhancer who purchases drinks and snacks on the course, drinks at the 19th hole, and tips for employees. Maybe not all, but one can encourage the behavior you want to see...
If you do not place, you are replaced.
"Tiger, do you feel like you are Tiger v1.5 or Tiger v5.0? And what about that Foley virus?"
No. Have not had those issues.   The general issue with the XHot is the noodle factor of that year's PX shaft.
That's the guy who sounds half-Southern Preacher, half con man ... Abbott. Probably sincere ... but the tie and sweatier draped over the shoulders is oh so late 80's. A bunch of Texas real estate developers over-charging millions to 550 families and making it sound like heaven and a bargain... typical.
If that were true,  why are you still here posting?
We heard about this last year, when Federal Prosecutors followed Phil at a tournament for questioning. He apparently was not the target of the investigation at the time.  I guess the above is the result. Thanks for the article.
I have the same issues in 90+ temperatures and high humidity.   My arms sweat, and my hands get moist; the sweat from the arms bleeds onto the hands. At the end of a range session, it looks like I've taken a bath on the range.   I do not like to use gloves, but after about 15 minutes on the range, the gloves go on. If it gets really bad,  the rain gloves go on.   Looking for alternatives, I've purchased wrist sweat bands and they do help.     As to grips,  under...
I think the fee is an extra money grab. If the course it thinking clearly, they would remember that the rider will probably purchase refreshments from the cart and the 19th Hole, and to earn any extra revenue in that manner.
New Posts  All Forums: