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Poults is going off on twitter again One can see why people love him .... not My guess is he is getting kicked around for shooting par when everyone else on the leaderboard was shooting under par ... far under par.  
And we have an up and down ... and a winnah...
If there is such a thing as a "poor" 65, I think JSpieth shot it... maybe all of his contortions exaggerate his play ... missed several putts you'd expect him to make based on his season... ah, he's human after all.
One of those tournaments that no one is taking by the throat...
Some odd looking swings from Poulter off the tee. Looks like it's a putting contest ... Sneeedeker... And JSpieth can't make his putts... yet.
Keep up, Rick! I think that "keeping up with the men thing ended" when she was in her mid-teens. And does that look like a 15 yr old's, ummm, booty?   Don't answer that....
Colonial -- rained most of the night, hard, and is supposed to end within 15 minutes. I am 35 mi east of Ft. Worth and it rained all night and is coming down hard at the moment. Radar looks to have it clearing for the day.   Dallas is the new Seattle
I've had two divorces over that question... let's not go there. Some women buy shoes ... or they go to sales for clothes they don't need and spend $500. "But I saved $500. Such a deal..."  I've got to find a woman who golfs...  Just received an Edel E-1 that was custom fit for $299 w/ pixl inserts and counterbalanced with time on a SAM. Can't tell you if it will save strokes. But the weight feels great in my hands ...
I don't want to say much to a +3.6 other than look at ball position.
  Is your path too much in to out?  Without knowing more, try visualizing before your swing.
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