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 Depends on your definition of "fit." I believe the use of lasers and discovering where you are really aiming is more of a recent development, even for Pros.  Previously, I would see Pros and Ams who paid,  being fit on a SAM Putting Lab -- I guess since it was introduced, early 00s? I've only seen more popular use of lasers by others for the last 3-4 years or so. Still, not everyone is using lasers to measure aim. I read posts where the fitting wasn't on a SAM or with...
Took the Edels Recoil 95 to the range for the first time on Sunday.   The feel with the Recoils is soft/muted but I could still discern hits toward the toe. The club gives a feeling of confidence at address. Will talk about turf interaction later as I gain more consistency. Was doing drills yesterday.   Don't think I'll have to worry about shoulder, arm, or elbow issues, though, with the higher bounce and graphite shafts.
Try it without a club -- take a stance and feel as if you are throwing a boulder into the air ... just to assure you that's it more than just arms. Notice what the lower body does... and tee it high (standard height)
See if there is anything here... https://www.stackandtilt.com/academy/stack-tilt-academy-video-tips/ Or move the ball up towards your big toe in your stance, close the stance a tad, bump the lead hip at address, and feel like you're throwing a boulder high into the air on the downswing - and you can use S&T to hit up on the driver. When I was using an S&T pattern type swing, I hit 4 degrees up on driver.
If you're just coming back to the game after a layoff, the RBZ fairway and hybrid shafts are longer in length, and may cause issues off the deck. The hybrids are long from heel to toe and not exactly versatile. For the average player, most will find better alternatives. Unless you have a higher speed swing and a competent swing, I would avoid. The driver is a nice club from all accounts. 
Is this post about S&T, or just hitting up on the driver? We have a thread for that... http://thesandtrap.com/t/44307/hitting-up-or-down-with-the-driver-in-an-inline-pattern
Over the years, the only thing I've seen from Scotty that is new or innovative are the jewelry he puts on putters or his limited edition head covers.   Over the years, I've read too many threads about Cameron that show he is not innovative unless one claims his improvements are innovative ... and that's fine. That's not a knock on Scotty and not a bad thing. Pioneers get arrows in their back. And Titleist is not known as an innovator. Generally, they take other's ideas...
Duly noted. I guess 97% of scientists are funded by the non fossil fuel lobby...   And I've read about the 97% number controversy and how they got that number from surveys, etc., over 10 years ago and continuing. Man has apparently had on influence on the climate. Is it enough to cause issues?   Let's forget about the scientists and use non-partisan common sense.   The question is do you think it's a good idea to billow crap into the air and into our water? Do you...
Thanks. Will take pics outside, where the club shows better. In comparison to the Miura, the Edel looks very svelte. The shape of the leading edge is very different and the face is not as tall as the Miura. Edel is a guy who is heavy into design and utility -- he even makes his own watches -- all mechanical with old-time moving parts like an old Rolex. He is a meticulous guy when it comes to design.
You might check out Golf Works.   Jim Kronus of The Iron Factory had some EPA issues in SoCal around 2004 and moved to Colorado. It's tough to tell what really happened. His attorney said it was a one time dumping of a small amount of substance into the sewer, the City of Escondido said it was millions of gallons.    But even before that time, his record was inconsistent. Some said he did great work, others said he was slow and the work was poor quality. Haven't heard...
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