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I think after the playoffs is a good time. As to comments regarding new irons not making a difference, let's not fool ourselves. There is a difference with new clubs on the range, in practice rounds, and then under tournament pressure.
Heard a quick blurb on TGC that Spieth played new irons at the Barclays...   Why would you change irons now and not wait until after the playoffs?   Doesn't look good for Titleist, although it makes sense they'd be anxious for him to play new irons.   Does not make sense to me... the casual observer. Wait ... until the new season begins.
 Yes, they do not distract the golfer ... no bling, some tech you can't see, and the grind on the sole helps you get through the turf. 
I have a set of Edel CBs in Recoil 95 in F3 (Regular), which plays strong. Typically, I play the 6-PW, but have the 5i,   I bounce/glide/added forgiveness of the sole does help the club out of the dirt. My fitter said he saw a comparison of the Edel with another iron in a slo-mo vid and was startled by the difference in the action of the bounce helping the golfer in terms of wear and tear on the body.   I've owned them for 2 seasons -- they are more forgiving than they...
I think there a lot of "anybodys." And you can get some of the price knocked off with online dealers, and occasional OEM and brick and mortar specials.
Woods -- Titleist makes them for a certain market - typically the low lofted are for better players or those who can launch them. They are not the easiest to launch, although the 915 may be easier. But they do have a selection of no upcharge shafts to help launch. I mean, Callaway has it all over Titleist in terms of the entire market: They have  (1) the XR Line for easy to launch woods, (2) the GBB Line for easy to launch that is adjustable, and the Heavenwood...
Find a women's set that does not look like a women's set? It was my starter kit.   Hit a Ping Women's G30 fairway last week in a sim. It was easy and longish for an easy swing. My 9 yr old liked it, but he has the 9-12 Callaway XJ Set, and it's enough for him.
These thread can turn into "mine is bigger than yours" contests. Both Brands make fine clubs -- Callaway seems to have a broader lineup with which to segment the market while Titleist markets itself as "Player's Clubs" while also reaching out to higher cappers.   As to balls, Titleist is #1 although its market share, I predict, will lessen.   Bags - neither one makes its own. SM no longer makes Titleist bags, so who knows. Just buy a Sun Mountain bag with Titleist or...
Looks great!   May you aim and putt well with it.
For the sake of a long term marriage, I think getting away from each other in a positive way can help a marriage. From experience, it does help if she has a hobby, whether it is investing, book clubs, biking, etc. If you can join each other once in a while in a common sport/hobby, it may help.   If the wife plays golf, even better, as she will know that it is a tough game and requires practice and play - that may be the best case scenario other than living as a...
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