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elmer's glue
you felt comfortable with +1.5" and your pga pro (who actually teaches golf for a living and has no doubt seen dozens of swings) tells you to get +1.5" and the idiot golf smith employee measures you, compares you to a rule of thumb chart and tells you to get +.5"... seems like a no brainer to me, pal.
Do you think the pro's could shoot par (or lower) on for every round on every course they play if they dont ever "go for it" or play aggressive shots?
I play in these and have no problems.
loft, lie, head type (oversized heads, player cavities, blades), shaft stiffness/weight, overall build quality, grooves, feel.. lots of differences.
This post is directed at you and anyone else who is insisting the stat that he is 5'1" is absolutely correct.Have ANY of you ever seen him and stood directly behind him (i.e behind him in line at a gas station snack shop) or anywhere even remotely close to him? No? Yea, I didn't think so. I don't know the kid, I've never spoken to him, I don't know any of his friends, however I DO know that he is NOT 5'1". He was standing in front of me in sandals and I was wearing my...
Exactly, find a new instructor and work on the fundamentals of the game - grip, swing plane, tempo, stuff like that. Secondly, it's very true that every player has a bad day, even the pro's. Tiger missed the cut at a major this year, John daly just shot an 81.. an 81 (maybe good for you and me, but for a pro? ha!)
If you play better with hybrids, get the hybrids. I personally learned to just use 5 and 3 woods but when I was learning to golf I knew nothing of hybrids so i didn't really have a choice. I'm 20 yrs old
you really don't have that many options.. 1. choke up on driver 2. take a lesser club 3. hit it normal, dont be a pansy :)
I go to the range in shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops all the time. Seems to me like you may have a problem hitting push fades? Your grip looks strong (right hand too far under the club) and your clubhead is pretty open at the top of your swing.
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