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Los Angeles city courses used to run on 6 minute spacing, and it was a disaster.  Typically, if you had a tee time around 8:30am they were already 30 minutes behind, and then after starting so late you had the fun of a 5 to 5 1/2 hour round. 
Jenkins has become a parody of his former self, sort of like Andy Rooney in his waning years when he just became a blathering bitter old man, barely a shell of his former self as a writer and satirist. There comes a time when athletes should have hung it up long before they become an embarrassment to themselves, and writers are no different. Jenkins reached that point sometime during the Bush administration. The first one. What one wouldn't give for a contemporary...
 I would expect the sand saves difference to be even greater (with pros being much better).  Since they are in bunkers more often and spend much more time practicing sand shots than even scratch amateurs, I would expect them to be far more proficient at the skills.  And they play out of pristine bunkers all the time, raked to perfection, while the amateurs are dealing with the often poorly kept bunkers typical of public golf courses. 
Erik, something in your comparison numbers seems off.   Well, not your numbers, but the "scratch golfer" stats.  It shows sand save as 63% for the scratch golfer, but that number would almost put them in the top 10 on Tour and way above the Tour average of under 50%.   It also shows GIR as 69%, which would put them in the top 30 on Tour and 4 percentage points higher than the Tour average.  Scrambling is about equal to the Tour average.  It seems unreasonable to believe...
Not dangerous, but with a little practice you can start earning a few extra bucks on the weekends performing LASIK surgery on your near sighted playing partners.
Not trying to dissuade anyone from enticing Erik come out to SoCal, but since the premise of this thread was a lack of Aimpoint instructors in our area it seems appropriate to point out there are a number of Express clinics planned in the LA area over the next couple months. X11/X2 clinics at Woodley, Rancho Park, Black Gold, Tiera Rejada, show on Aimpoint's website if anone is interested.
FYI, Bob Townsend in San Diego is an Aimpoint instructor.
Driver x 28 has to be the dumbest rule of thumb anyone has ever attached to this game. Do the math. An average drive of only 250 yards would suggest a 7000 yard course. I average about 265 - no way can I play 7400 yard courses. And an average Tour distance of 290 yards should be playing over 8100 yards? This is a really stupid, senseless metric.
As one who recently retired early and loves golf, joining a golf retirement community is exactly what I would NOT want. I don't want too much commonality, in golf, neighbors, dining, entertainment, or anything else. I feel that unless you are an assembly line worker putting together widgets hour after hour, one's job provides a lot of the variety that is healthy in life. You deal with a diversity of people and challenges in your job, and this keep your mind agile and...
Selection is quite broad, and the markups are surprisingly reasonable.  Augusta National makes so much money off the TV revenues and they own all concession sales on site, including logo gear and food, so they keep the prices very reasonable.    There are two main places they sell goods on site, one near the main club house and one at the back gate by Berckman's place (near the 16th).  I found the main store more crowded throughout the day, while the other location...
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