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Except you've got it backwards.  TW started on the 10th hole on Saturday, and was barely hanging on until his 9th hole of the day, #18, when he splashed his second shot.  From then on he was only going through the motions.  I was there, and his body language and demeanor were not those of someone grinding to make the cut.  After he bogeyed #3 (his 12th hole of the day) he totally looked like someone who couldn't wait to get out of town.
I disagree with the concept to abolish the political parties.  While party partisanship appears to be a major problem right now, I feel that is actually a smokescreen.  In fact, it is possible that strong political parties are needed now more than ever, an idea I'll explain a little further down.   The party system historically has worked as a buffer against extreme ideals and has actually helped elective offices remain more balanced than more dissimilar.  Without a...
 I've run into Muira's at a number of golf shops, so I was curious and looked up their authorized dealers on their website and it shows a very different picture that what you describe.  In California alone they show 42 authorized dealers all over the state.   In NY they show 7 dealers, not all near the City, including the Albany area and Rochester.    15 dealers in Florida.  And so on.   They don't seem to be nearly as exclusive as the image you're trying to paint. 
It already has.  There have been several 58s shot on professional golf tours.   Jason Bohn did it on the Canadian Tour and Ryo Ishikawa on the Japanese Tour.   Shigeki Maruyama shot one in a US Open qualifier.        
 When used in the negative form, such as "I did not use to play blades, but now I do.". 
 ??   The stamping says "Cameron" and the usual Scotty 3 dots.  
OP, have you considered looking for the best of both worlds where you can use your ME experience and training in the golf industry instead?   Here's an example of a current open Callaway position:   https://rn22.ultipro.com/cal1002/JobBoard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*3B3F3BCA48E45860   Starting at the bottom at a golf equipment company is likely a much lesser hit to the finances and could be a very rewarding and enjoyable career option compared to slugging it out against...
Typical UK Links Course:     Typical US Manicured Course:       Both are lovely in different ways.   And I wouldn't mind "playing" either one. 
  Not sure you understand the concept of "percentage".    0.33% would be 3 people out of a 1000, not 1 in 3
I have no problem if TM comes out with a BunnyBalz product line, and I have no problem if people want to play golf with a Hammer (pow!), double sided chipper, and long putter attached to their forehead.    To enjoy playing basketball, do you have to play it with a specified ball, a hoop exactly at 10 feet and a court with exact dimensions, and with 5 people on a team playing with a shot clock?   To play football, do you have to use a 100 yard long field with 11 men on a...
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