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Answers to the questions above. 1. Forged or cast? I could care less, as long as they were aesthically pleasing. I've only had 1 set of clubs since i've starting playin. I dont know the diff. 2. I usually make huge divots 3. I'd lean towards me having a sweeping swing 4. Could never hit long irons well. I think they're too long. (never fitted) I'll keep options open to Hybrids. 5. I prefer Thin toplins. Callaway's thickness messes w/ my head!...
Awesome! Thanks alot guys, i'll check this stuff out as soon as I can.. I'll have to see how close a golfsmith is to me.
I wish i could help! I cannot play with glasses on.. My perception is way offfffff.
I've been all over this winter with an interest of buying my new irons, but cant seem to get anyone who I trust, that knows enough about equipment to actually make any sense at why I should get one set over another. I know there are many variables, but I have a hard time talking to anyone that just tells me to buy what they have or what the pros use... Golf Galaxy is too damn busy for any one person to give any attention, and I havent found anyone there that knows shit. ...
I'd prefer just a normal satin finish... However, If the Vokey wedges came in a black (i'm not sure if they do or not), I'd love to own them!
Looking at getting a new driver for this season, or by next season for sure.. Not sure which shaft would be best for my swing speed. I prefer lower degree clubs, 8.5s or so. I usually hit it really high, and is normally pretty windy where i play. Thx in advance!
"Somebody's closssser" - Adam Sandler (& me )
Not sure if this has been said yet, cuz i dont have time to read 6+ pages of these now, but.... Back in High School one team was caught using the green colored Gummi Savers under their balls in the rough/fairway for an elevated/perfect lie. Pretty clever, but we eventually caught on... Be aware!
Go for it! I find myself worrying the night before tournaments, but when I play with others, whom i dont know, I tend to find it alot easier to concentrate. I dont want to look bad, so I really pay a lot more attention than on just a recreational round or for league.. It becomes too routine.. You'll do fine, dont stress about it! Show them up
I'm hoping to stay right at or right around par for the Summer. I'm planning on getting new Forged blades, so i'm thinking it may take a good season of playing to really get the hang of switching to a blade iron for the first time. Hopefully I'll they'll be nice to me ;) Thinking about Titlesit 695mbs... Scared to dump that much $ on my first set of blades!
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