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 Been there, done that.  I want the boring golf for a while.  The mishits and missing greens will always be there.  Thanks for all the input though
 Yeah,  a lot has changed since that post really.  The changes I am making are for the better.  I have much more understanding now than I did 4 years ago. I know what needs to happen now and it's getting much better.  I don't think too much about mechanics when I'm playing.  I save that for the range and practice sessions. I'm looking for more consistency and predictability.  Without these swing changes, those 2 concepts are hard to come by.
The weather here has been terrible every since we had our lessons, so I haven't hit the driving range at all.  We have been doing the drills in the living room but that's about it.  I finally got a chance to go out and play 9 yesterday and it went okay.  Every shot I hit starts to the right now and has a slight draw, so I know I have improved there.  I found myself hitting off the toe though, so I need to figure that out.   The next thing is just to get the knee flex,...
"Drive for show, putt for dough"     That one and the Lee Trevino quote in the first post are my favorites.  I have played countless games with not enough money in my pocket...luck was usually on my side.
Wow!  Nice!! Those are as good of reasons to be MIA as I can think. Sounds like we will be seeing him around soon
 Yes sir.  I could tell a HUGE difference the first rep or two. It for sure tells me that it's not a move I normally do. Thanks
 Makes sense. It is for the most part.  Just trying to fix a premature straightening problem that I've had.
  This is the exact drill that I am working on at the moment.  Pretty much at the 5:32 mark...the pump then hit drill.   One question I have is, at what point does the left leg (RH) start straightening? I can pretty much see it in the video here, but as far as thinking about the drill, is there a certain point that I need to start thinking "straighten the leg?" I am exaggerating the flex in the left knee all the way to impact in my drill, then straightening and good...
 Somewhat....    If you have access to sites like this, 5sk, or just reputable golfers in your area, then you can get pretty solid recommendations on teachers with no worries.  Having said that, clicking with your teacher is just something you're going to have to pay to find out.  Most of the times though, I would think you could still take positives away from a lesson even if you had some personality conflicts.
I think working on impact is the best way to get there.  Once you have a solid swing making solid contact, the rest falls in the "you either have it or don't" group.  You can work on power accumulators, workout, and gain some flexibility, but I would think that would only be good for a few yards.  A timeline for this happening doesn't really have an answer.  Kind of like how long before I'm a single digit handicap?
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