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I ended up going with a Felt Z100. It was a trade in. I got the bike, computer, bottle and cage, flat kit, helmet, and shorts for 640.00 which was the price of the new defy before tax. I rode 3 miles this morning and quickly found out it will take me a little bit to build up some stamina. It was fun though
Sounds good. I just wanted to hear from more experienced people that weren't trying to sell my a bike. I don't mind spending money on equipment to get a good setup, I just want to make sure I have some idea before standing in front of a salesman, you know?   I'm going to go to our local bike shop over the weekend and talk with them and go from there.
So I am thinking of getting a road bike for exercise and I know absolutely nothing about them. I have a couple of friends that recently bought them but I'm not so sure they researched anything. I want to make sure that when I go to buy one, I don't just get "sold" something. Any suggestions on a bike for a newbie or just general tips?    My buddy bought a 2015 Defy 5, but it's like 640.00. Is that pretty average on price? Not sure I want to spend that much just yet.
Back again, and hopefully back to my active ways on the forum.  Life has really been up and down since I made this thread. My now 13 year old got into go kart racing, so we have been doing that. We now have a little over 2 month old little girl!!   That was a crazy weekend as Emma was born on Friday, May 15th and my dad passed on Sunday, May 17th. So my emotions were all over the map for a while. Work has changed again (not my position or company but just the business) and...
Wow!! Very nice. Congrats!
I have a brand new pair of True Linkswear Padwan for kids. They are size 5.5 and have only been tried on. They still have the tags attached.  I believe these are 60.00 new. I will let these go for 45.00.  Again, they are brand new. I am located in TN
We went to the range today to work on some things. I was puring the ball! All the way down to my 3i which I never hit pure. It was a great session until the heat got to us. Jacob is still fighting the push but makes good contact. He also has a problem getting his weight forward. I'm going to make us an appointment with a teacher in the next week or two.
I used to race sprint cars and here are my opinions on the subject. It's VERY hard to see out of the car, especially on that side. The cars are designed to go left and the use of the throttle weighs heavily on steering. It's not hard for me to believe that Tony did rev the engine in an attempt to steer it away from the kid. The bottom line for me (even if it sounds cold hearted) is that he never should've gotten out of the car if his life wasn't in danger. This happens...
Now that I am getting to actually play some golf again, I am going to bring this thread back so I can track my progress once again.  I played my first round this week and it felt like it has been forever.  The biggest thing I was doing with my driver was hitting it left.  It wasn't a bad flight, just started straight and had some draw.  So I wanted to make sure I still understand what's going on here.   -Starts straight and draws would indicate the face being square...
I'll be ordering my copy this week.
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