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We went to the range today to work on some things. I was puring the ball! All the way down to my 3i which I never hit pure. It was a great session until the heat got to us. Jacob is still fighting the push but makes good contact. He also has a problem getting his weight forward. I'm going to make us an appointment with a teacher in the next week or two.
I used to race sprint cars and here are my opinions on the subject. It's VERY hard to see out of the car, especially on that side. The cars are designed to go left and the use of the throttle weighs heavily on steering. It's not hard for me to believe that Tony did rev the engine in an attempt to steer it away from the kid. The bottom line for me (even if it sounds cold hearted) is that he never should've gotten out of the car if his life wasn't in danger. This happens...
Now that I am getting to actually play some golf again, I am going to bring this thread back so I can track my progress once again.  I played my first round this week and it felt like it has been forever.  The biggest thing I was doing with my driver was hitting it left.  It wasn't a bad flight, just started straight and had some draw.  So I wanted to make sure I still understand what's going on here.   -Starts straight and draws would indicate the face being square...
I'll be ordering my copy this week.
I can understand that!
I have been away from the game for a while but I'm back now.  One thing I noticed is my group has all quit playing as well.  I would like to get a group going to play. I'm not that close to memphis but would be willing to meet up once a month maybe.
Not much going on in this group. I plan on getting back into running starting this week.  My wife has signed us up for a color run so I guess that will be a good starting point.
 Thanks man! They had to get someone to come in and cut the hay before they could even mow the fairways. I will post up a couple of before and after pictures tomorrow.Working on it. We spent a little time fixing some things on the house and it's now on the market. When it sells (if it sells) we will make our way close to his area. I have worked with him and really like his teaching style. The course is also really nice. We will be making it to see him on a more consistent...
Well, I am back. It's been a while since I've been active on the board...or on the golf course.  I changed positions at work and the workload really changed.  I think I'm sorting it out now, though.  Good to be back!   And on another note, our local golf course just re-opened this weekend after a couple failed attempts.  I'm really excited about that as it has been closed for a couple years and it was my favorite course around.
 Been there, done that.  I want the boring golf for a while.  The mishits and missing greens will always be there.  Thanks for all the input though
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