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Sweet! Thanks
how long does it usually take to get a copy?
Well, I accepted the new offer and turned in my notice with my current company. I'm pretty excited to see where this takes me!!
It is dangerous the way many of the guys are doing it now. It's not just the UFC though. Power lifters, bodybuilders, wrestlers, etc...all do it. Going so far as to have to use IVs to get fluids back. It's really ridiculous what they put themselves through. Unfortunately, that's the name of the game nowadays.The danger is not all the weight cut itself. If they have a poor weight cut and step into the ring less alert and fatigued, they are really at risk with the shots they...
Yes they will allow me to drive as much as I want to. They said they will either pay me mileage or rent me a car. Of course, I'll need to figure out a breaking point though. It wouldn't make much sense have to drive all weekend to work a week and turn around and drive all weekend again. BUT I would MUCH rather drive these days than fly. People are just nuts!
Well I had my formal offer phone call Friday. He was telling me that dependent on how I did within the first year, I could get a rise of 10k within that first year. If that were to happen, it would end up being a total of a 30k per year raise by taking this job (actually sat down and figured up my base pay now, the initial pay raise would be 20k).
Anyone here use strava? I rode 7 miles yesterday and it felt easier than my first 3 mile ride so I guess I am progressing
I wouldn't say "confident," but more like a possibility. The new job would for sure set me up for much better opportunities in a just a few years. Honestly, I am looking at it as a stepping stone to something bigger. Yeah,  we don't really "want" for anything money wise but the raise would make it much easier on me until my wife finished her nursing school which will be in 2017. Well, with the type of work it is (installing and configuring Cisco voice over IP solutions), I...
That's a good question. I could possibly return to my current company. I have even thought about leaving my 401k with my current company just in case I come back.  The problem is, there just aren't many options in my area. I mean, I could find a job, but not making the money I make now....
It sounds like I would only be gone M-F when traveling. And usually gone for a week and then home for 1-2 weeks. But the guy said that the 2nd quarter this year, they weren't gone much at all and were at home most of the time.
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