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What we are witnessing here with Tiger is not so perplexing. He has lost his game and unfortunately may never find it again. His physical ailments have also contributed to his demise.   This happened to David Duval, IB-Finch, Seve.............I think there is too much scar tissue now to ever recover.   
I've got to give credit where credit is due.   Tiger showed alot of class today in his post-round interview.   I was never a lover of Tiger but I feel bad for the guy.   After all he's been through, I might have a tear in my eye if he wins another major.
I missed him on the range at The Players.   Does he try to hammer it on the range the same as he does on the course?   Who here hasn't been Ranger Rick and why does it happen? It must be a mental state.   PS - Ernie Els was SWEETNESS on the range, just beautiful to watch.
Tiger is a human being. He was raised a certain way to achieve greatness. Did he ever have a chance to be just a normal, rebelious kid? The way he is now is a product of his upbringing. Similar to maybe Michael Jackson although Tiger is not deviant like that. The guy needs to be left alone. Maybe he can't stay faithful to one woman due to a personality issue. But really, how much scrutiny can a guy take before something tragic happens?  Who doesn't have an issue or two in...
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!   Sergio Garcia -7 Phil Mickelson -6 Dustin Johnson -8
Pat Perez has his own style, real California with the hair, looks cool.   Rickie looked better with the long hair too.   Charley Hoffman, no.
I was there today,mainly at number 16, right side of fairway, about driver distance. Didn't see telecast not sure what club people hit off the tee but the longest was Charley Hoffman, then Adam Scott, then Rory. Didn't know Charley was that long. Bubba hit Driver because I saw the pink shaft and head but he wasn't in the top 5 in distance, unless he held it back a little. Patrick Reed sneaky long too. When I got there, Louie was hitting a shot about 20 yards longer than...
If I win I'll choose the GREEN P2Wrap http://www.puregrips.com/grips/view/p2_wrap to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage!   Cabrera, Angel -11 Kaymer, Martin -9 McDowell, Graeme -8    
Is it possible Tiger has lost the desire to be great again?   Postponing the inevitable announcement as long as possible?   This whole thing is very strange.
I still play my 1025c irons, butter.   Also use a Tourney 5W and hybrid.   Lately I have been using my DCT, Bobby Grace Captiva putter.
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