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I still play my 1025c irons, butter.   Also use a Tourney 5W and hybrid.   Lately I have been using my DCT, Bobby Grace Captiva putter.
Chipping and pitching as Tiger did in front of the thousands and many more on TV has got to leave mental scar tissue.   He will have to be mentally tough to supress it in the big moments at the majors.   When similar shots with consequence are presented, it will be "testing" to say the least.   I wonder if he wants it that bad anymore, the battle within himself.   If so, I wish him the best.
Davis is a stand-up guy and a good man. No qualms here.The overriding issue is who will play. I like Jim Furyk, Phil, Tiger, Bubba, Hunter and the like, but don't want to see them on the team anymore. Newer, hungry, young blood, including Rickie, Jimmy W, Speith and Patrick Reed again. For older guys, I think fiery types like a Pat Perez might work out. We'll see who qualifies. I just hope the Captain's picks aren't the same old, same old.
I actually found your comments funny, but I would add there were some who claimed he was faking it last year, then he had the surgery.
My hats off to Billy Horchel.   Whether he believes Tiger's game is close or not, he stuck up for his friend.   He probably said Tiger is doing good things to make him feel better.   Nothing wrong with that.   A class act.
I don't think he's faking anything.   As soon as he said he had his "explosiveness" back............here comes trouble
Six months of chili-dipping and skulling. If it's not the yips what is?   He really doesn't have to admit it to anyone.   I'm sure he's trying his best to overcome it.
This is sad because I think he is really trying to be a better person with the fans. He's smiling at times and being more accomodating to the press as well.   I would like to see him get back a respectable short game to not embarass himself out there.
Sorry, forgot last sentence. Keep practicing and playing to the best of your current ability, let the chips fall where they may and enjoy your life.
With the chipping and pitching scar tissue he has accumulated recently, I seriously doubt he will be able to come up big with either one in a pressure packed situation. OK, I'll call it the yips.   He has not been the same since the Thanksgiving incident. Changing techniques has hindered him as well. Throw in his age and I believe we have seen the end of a dominant career. Maybe he wins another tournament, but never another major. Again, too much scar tissue.   He had...
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