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Great info, thanks Erik.   Newtogolf, would you select the Sony Alpha A77 over my selections?  Is it worth a grand more?  
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I've narrowed it down to these to cameras: Nikon d7000 or the Canon EOS 60 D   Like I said, I am very new at this.  Would it be possible to invest in a good lens for all round photos or do I have to have multiple lenses.  If it's the former, can you suggest any?  
I am looking to get a nice camera (~1000.00), but haven't the faintest clue where to start or what to start looking for.  Can anyone provide me with any recommendations to sites or cameras?   The main purpose of the camera would be to capture photos of the family and I would like to start getting into photography outside of the family (nature scenes, sports, etc). Plus, it wouldn't hurt if it could also record my golf swing as I would like to spend more time working...
The miss is a straight shot with a draw at the end. A smaller percentage of them are push over draws. I've tried to correct it by opening the face more, but that hasn't remedied the miss. I know a video is best, but I'm on vacation without a camera
I am plagued by a deflective draw that I cannot seem to fix. I've tried adding more side tilt, tried getting my hands down faster, and have tried rehinging more quickly. It's my miss, which I only hit about 30% of the time with the rest being push draws. Any drills or feels that anyone can suggest?
Great info. Thanks
anyone have any information on the Legends Golf Resort as I am planning on using them?  Anyone have any other suggestions?
I'm a 12 handicap and also a head case, I either shoot low 80s or mid nineties. When I blow up, I blow up.
You know the sound of a properly struck golf shot? The one where the ball is squeezed off the face. The beautiful whack of a compressed ball. Does the sound of a compressed ball, struck at the same speed, sound differently with different clubs? For instance, if all other things are equal except the club, does it sound differently when struck with a blade vs. a SGI
New Posts  All Forums: