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I have worn my Tour 360s for about fifteen rounds. I just played an entire round in the rain last week at Mayacama (unreal course in California) and never once did my feet get wet. After every round, I clean my shoes with a spray of the garden hose on the soles, a wet towel on the uppers, dry them with a towel, and shoe tree them. That's it.
I purchased a dozen along with a synthetic mat called Softee. It was a package deal. I have a back yard with about 60 yards of usable area for hitting balls. I can use a full swing with a 9 iron and stay in-bounds. I tried a driver and I hit the Birdie Ball out of my yard. The upside of this clever design is good audible feedback. The product can also fade, slice, draw, and hook. Of course, the real deal at a range is best, but these practice "balls" can work in...
PS, Please do not reply that Pete Caroll coaches USC. Real football is played in the Southeast.[/QUOTE] Ahh... someone who "gets it". As an Auburn alum, I admit I am partial to the SEC, and expect the SEC to provide a BCS Championship participant. I hope it is Auburn, but I see Florida and LSU as threats. No doubt West Va. will have a chance given the terribly weak schedule....what a shame to see a talented team like West Virginia suffer the fate of playing...
Erik, Thanks for the link to your software. I checked it out and was about to pull the trigger; yet I run Mac OS 10.3.9. I guess I will eventually buy a Mac Book and get with the current OS; right now my 10.3.9 serves me well. I think "Tiger" would really slow my system...older iBook. I read on your blog that making the software work with Panther would change the functionality. Thanks.
Erik... I got this off of PGATOUR.com and ihave read similar on USGA site... maybe I am missing something:The USGA decision was widely praised, to the relief of many amateurs and local pros seeking a faster and more accurate distance-measuring technique than trying to locate a hard-to-find plate in the ground or making a rough judgment based on a distance stake at the side of the fairway -- not to mention trying to figure yardage to the front of or to clear a hazard....
Can you post a 10 on a hole with a 8.6 Handicap? I was under the impression that the max score you can post with your current handicap on a given hole is double bogey, under the USGA Equitable Stroke Control. Maybe I am misunderstanding the USGA rule. Thanks.
Not illegal anymore... as long as it does not adjust for wind/elevation, etc, then it may be used for handicap rounds. For tournaments, check with tournament officials before using, but most will allow. The Bushnell 1500 pinseeker pro "Tournament Edition" may be used, the "Slope Edition" may not be used for "handicap" rounds. The rules may differ in New Zealand, but the USGA allows approved rangefinders, now.
Based on the description of these clubs at TGW, I would guess that they are not as forgiving. If a club has "workability", it typically does not forgive mis-hits as well. Also, most game-improvement irons launch the ball more easily with a higher trajectory. These Cobras provide mid-high flight. So... compared to the other irons you have considered, I would agree with your comment.
2 Euro coin, too. I like the heft, size, color.
Another way is to form your own golf club. It takes a minimum of ten golfers, and you must play at least three rounds with some of the group, as well as one "sanctioned club" tournament... to be held by your club. The set-up fee is $100, and you can get the information at USGA.org. I may not have captured the language of the USGA rules, but I am in the ballpark. It seems fairly simple to arrange a club with your golfing friends who do not belong to a private club. I...
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