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Thats funny you are from Laveen. The last time I golfed was in Laveen at the Bougainvillea Golf Club.
Hello. I started playing golf on par 3 public courses when I was 15. I played a couple times a year with clubs I got at a rummage sale until I was 19. I barely played golf at all from 19-25.(I was way more interested in chasing tail and partying)I got another set of very used clubs at 25 and only golfed a couple times total from 25 to 29. This year I won 2 fantasy football leagues and with that came enough money to buy better equipment. All of the clubs in my signature...
I bought a very good condition used set of X-20's (4-PW) on ebay for $320
I paid $62.00 plus $11.99 for shipping for the Callaway x460 driver used in good condition on ebay i know its slightly above what you want to spend but its in the neighborhood
Before I bought the x-20's, I hit the x-20 6 iron and x-22 6 iron side by side and i couldn't tell the difference. You can get a brand new 4-PW set of x-22's for $500 on ebay right now or you can do what i did and get a slightly used 4-PW set of x-20 on ebay for $320
You and me both! last year was rough. I'm not sure how this year will play out. They need a good QB
He is so much better than the competition I was starting to wonder if he was a human being or an alien. I'm not put off by him smoking weed at all. He just needs to be more careful in the future.
I like Snowboarding, playing Softball, eating pizza and wings, drinking beer and wine, watching TV, hiking
The place you're talking about in San Diego is called the Yardhouse. Its a chain restaurant that has other locations in California and Arizona. If you love beer you have to try the Yardhouse. Great food too.
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