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Thank you and I really am! Life is good!
Airbrushing is something I've not got into and my youngest son thinks I should. He sees all the work done on Harleys and he wants me to do that kind of stuff and get rich. I will have three different areas at the show in April, drawings, acrylic paintings and gourd art. I do mostly Native American, western and landscape. I am doing a large landscape as we speak of a scene I photoed in Yellowstone National Park of a buffalo grazing in a meadow. It will be neat, I hope...
NO! not out on the course but my birthday is today and I hit the pair of 6s..........66. Wish I was 20 again, knowing what I know now but it ain't gonna happen. Anyway, I've been retired for 14 years and I've traveled all over the west and played a bunch of courses and marshalled at quite a few. I've hit a hole in one and made a passel of eagles over the years. I play free now at the country club and I work in the Pro Shop. I get to see a bunch of my high school buddies...
I don't dislike any of them! I admire them for conquering this game to some extent. Sure, they have different personalities and quirks but they are to be looked up to for the work ethic they have and the ability they display week in and week out. I do dislike fits of anger and cursing on TV but thats just me!
There is no penalty if the hit is unintentional. I saw Arnold Palmer do that very thing at the Houston Open and he just laughed and replaced it on the tee. NO penalty!
I will say "they can"! What percentage out there is doing it, I don't know but I work at a pro shop and country club and the high school team here are in the 15 to 18 range and they hit it consistantly over 300 yds. My drives go about 240 to 260 when the wind is at my back and they are so far in front of me that I have to hit twice to catch up with them. My son, who is 43 now hits it over 300 and averages around 290 something. I think they can do it with the new equipment...
Thats a tough one! I have the darn stuff also and fortunately it is in my right trigger finger and I don't use it all that much gripping the club. Arthurs-itus finally ruined my right hip and I had to have it replaced and now it's working on my left knee. I hate the stuff, wish it didn't exist but we have to live with it. Wish you luck with your dad and I'm sorry I can't help ya!
I broke the shaft just above the head of a 7 iron due to anger one time and learned right quick not to do that. That was 40 years ago and I haven't done anything like that since. My son threw a long iron to the top of a tree and it is still there to this day as far as I know. Doesn't pay to lose your temper!
Thats very disgusting. Hope they get what they deserve!
I like the Shell's Wonderful World of Golf and I've watched it from the beginning. Still like it today!
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