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I would go with the 990 set myself:)
thanks, I knew I would need another wedge but didnt know which one would be better...
I went an bought a 3-pw set of Cleveland CG gold. after hitting them and a list of other clubs, including Nike,Ping,Titleist,Mizuno ect... i was hitting the 6 iron cg gold where I wanted and was averaging around 165 yards with it.... I think I could have got father, but wanted to make sure I was getting a good feel for the club, not just trying to slam the ball down the range... anyways I have a 56 degree wedge, a driver, and a putter, and a 3 wood.. what do you...
I live in SC, homw of Golf:) and also home to the longest deer season in the USA, so I love ot hunt. also love to do some fishing on the rivers here, mainly for catfish. another thing I do is play the Playstation 3. Mainly Tiger Woods 09, but also love ot play Socom Confrontation I own alot of guns, so shooting is another hobby I have that I hold dear to.
I love to drink old fashioned Moonshine:) I grew up wiht a family that made it, and still does to this day:) but beer wise... I like George Killians Irish Red Bud Light and Cornona:) Also love just about any type of german beer...
as much as I love jack, I am going to say that tiger is still the top when it comes to Golf.... I enjoy watching both Golfers, and think that playing wiht or against both would be a great Honor, i have to give the edge to Tiger.
http://www.sweetwatercountryclub.org/ is closest to me that is an actual golf course. The second closest one is Augusta national (although I wish I could play there, I doubt it will ever happen)
I am a support operator at a OB mill in South Carolina... I enjoy my job most of the time, and love being able to spend 4-5 days off playing golf, hunting, fishing and all that good stuff.... I mainly drive loaders,bobcats, and help with the operation of the mill
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