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How big is it? Would make a great ball marker if small enough. Pretty cool looking!  
I voted N A as I rarely drink, but the way I'm playing lately maybe I need to down a couple before the first tee. In all seriousness I wouldn't be surprised if having one drink might result in a more relaxed swing and better results for many of us. The important part of this being just one, as I have no doubt that several drinks would prove disastrous for most peoples game.
Padraig Harrington +1 tiger Woods -2 Tiger Woods(10) Martin Kaymer(7) Phil Mickelson(7) Steve Stricker(10) Jim Furyk(10) Paul Casey(11) Luke Donald(12) Graeme McDowell(11) Rory McIlroy(11) Matt Kuchar(4) Ernie Els(11) Dustin Johnson(16) Hunter Mahan(11) Retief Goosen(6) Adam Scott(11) Zach Johnson(11) Padraig Harrington10) Robert Allenby(8)
I read a review for Chromox balls on another site and they were not that impressed with playability of the balls, think it was on THP forum. If desperate you can dye any ball with any color of Rit Dye, go to Rit website and look under odds and ends and they give directions.
Spalding Executives get my vote, some believe Spalding never recovered from these irons as they did have a good reputation until these were produced. I just remember the salesmen telling me these were the clubs when I was shopping for a set of irons at the time, I walked right out of the shop and went and bought some Wilsons and have played Wilsons ever since.
Used to play yellow way back when, not being able to find a ball I like in yellow, (Z-Stars are always sold out). On another forum I saw where someone dyed there balls yellow with Rit Dye, ran out to WalMart the other day bought some Wilson Staff X1s ($20 for 2 dozen, nothing to lose at this price) and some Rit Dye (Golden Yellow, and Sunshine Orange). Played with the yellow balls today and they worked just fine, no marks on my clubs and the only thing I noticed was the...
I have found that red lasts longer than blue or green sharpie, it's a scarlet red sharpie that came with an alignment line guide. It will fade to pink if it's damp out but that just prevents most guys from stealing my ball from the course, the blue I used to use would be almost gone by the end of a round. Wipe your ball with rubbing alcohol before marking it, seems to help it last longer.
I hit off the 17th tee with driver and sliced it so far it cleared the 2nd fairway, which ran parallel, and landed on the fringe of the first fairway. As I'm leaving the tee box with my bag one of the crew sees my ball laying in the rough as he's driving the mower down the first fairway looks around and only seeing me on the 17th pockets my ball and drives away. When he sees me playing from the spot he grabbed my ball he runs it back over apologizing like crazy and gives...
This was out first time at this course and yes they parked directly on the path leading to the tenth tee, not being familiar to the course I could find no alternate route, besides a 8" curb there was also bushes and flowers we would have had to driven over. Also the sun had come out and the course was getting busy and they apparently were starting people off the tenth as the back nine was crowded ahead of us (something I didn't notice until things were into the heated...
My wife and I arrived at the course in a light rain, starter met us at the range and asked if we were ready to play, replied anytime your ready for us (our tee time was still 20 minute out). He sent us right out as a twosome stating there are three groups ahead of us, none of which were in sight from the first tee. Caught foursome at 3rd hole, around fifth hole on we were catching them before they were teeing off at every tee box, my wife had said she did not want to play...
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