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US Open Another
the more I practice the luckier I get
250 off the tee is not short for an amatuer. It may seem that way with people claiming they "average 290" or something like that when they actually hit 1 out 0f 10 290 yards and the rest 220 yards into the trees. Your kind of distance is plenty as long as you're not hitting it into the woods or something. Won't make the PGA tour but you could definitely be a 3 or 4 handicap with that distance. Peopl elove to talk about how far they hit a certain club as if that is a...
Does that rule go for the US Amatuer as well? I've always wanted to play in the qualifier to either one if I can ever get my handicap that low. What're the qualifications for the US Am, same as the Open plus amatuer status?
I wouldn't worry too much about whatever tournaments you're playing in. Just see what happens. Just work on hitting fairways and getting your second shot as close as you can then go from there. 150 yard drive is tough, 150 yard drive in the woods is tougher. At your age you'll be hitting the ball 10-15 yards further next year and you'll have all new strengths and weaknesses to worry about so for now just keep it in the short grass. Hit the gym and eat some red meat if...
exactly, I can watch myself make bogeys and hit crap shots in the rough. It seems to be more of a problem in the majors for some reason. Probably because they receive more attention and are compared more often to what someone in the 60's did. In my opinion golf cannot be compared over generations except some intangible things like swings and palying style and what not. The new equipment and modern affordability of golf has really made it a different game than it was 50...
The biggest issue I have is how the us open course are becoming. For whatever reason the USGA really wants pro golfers to look bad on the course. These guys are so good the only way to do that is make the course back breakingly difficult or even unfair. Greens like concrete and rough that is a .5 stroke penalty is not interesting to watch to me. Some people like to watch the pros look like hackers but not me. I want to see birdies! You can see people win because they...
He always seems to give little kids golf balls and tees and stuff so that's awesome to see. Watching "playing Lessons from the pros" with him last night was very interesting. He seems very realistic about how he plays golf.
Jon Daly might be able to play pro golf hungover but I can't really do anything except be miserable
by far my favorite player on tour. He has no luck
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