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I attended for the first time last year on Sunday. I'm thinking about going back again this year, but considering the practice rounds (Wednesday). Besides the obvious - it's not the actual tournament, the badges are cheaper and you can take cameras in, what are the pros and cons for those of you who have done both? Thanks in advance!
Great Info. Thanks Chief! Just for my own knowledge...what time does it start to get congested? Thanks again....I really appreciate it.
Yes. Staying in Aiken, SC on Saturday. Do you have any input on the traffic and what kind of delays a person might encounter. Thanks!
We will get there on Saturday, but only have badges for Sunday. I had read somewhere that there is merchandise for sale "outside of Gates 6 & 9. If so, I was thinking of getting that out of the way on Saturday. Can you confirm? Thanks!
First off, I'm a new member to this board and have already enjoyed reading many of the threads. Now to my question: I'm taking my dad to Augusta this year for the final round of The Masters Tournament for his 80th birthday. Neither of us have ever been and it will be a suprise to him. What I'm looking for is advice regarding the following: - time to arrive (for both parking and lining up at the gate) - best gates to enter through - best spectator vantage...
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