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Spoof App...you can call someone and have the caller ID show up whatever you want...its a great app to mess with people with lol that and yahtzee...it keeps me entertained in class.
Correct, the limit an amateur can accept is $750 per event.
Yeah most the shops around me don't charge a thing to check loft/lie so that shouldn't be a problem at all.
Yes the same type of rule applies to all USGA tourneys...at least all the entry forms I've seen. Same with your state amateur tournaments. Handicap limit to qualify for the Open is 1.4 Handicap limit to qualify for the U.S. Am is 2.4 Handicap limit to qualify for the U.S. Am Pub Links is 4.4
Correct, if you don't play to a certain standard, they will rule you ineligible to qualify. But I thought the rule was in multiple events...ie if you have a bad round or two, things happen...but if you do it qualifying for the Open and then say the U.S. Am and shoot 90s the whole way, that'll do it.
I have too many hats to choose from. Whatever will flow well with my outfit ya know.
hahaha my mom made the same comment when we were watching the Masters
Yeah its normal for me too cause I still grow up with + handicaps, that's why "crazy ass" seems so different to me
I understand that + is better than scratch...take a look at mine, I think I would know ;) I was just asking why he thought a + would be "crazy ass" that's all...everyones got their opinion. I just look at my handicap and don't think "crazy ass", that's all :)
I'll record and watch when I get home from school Thursdays round. Fri-Sat-Sun will be interesting... I am playing in a local Masters Tournament a course set up, friday is the practice round while sat and sun are the 2 rounds we'll play. Should be interesting. I am sure we will tee off plenty early so everyone can watch.
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