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I have the opportunity to play here in August, and was wondering about the course.  I know it's private, and information on the course (besides their website) seems to be hard to find.  We had planned on playing Stonehedge North and South in one day, but now we are debating only playing one of the Stonehedge courses, and driving to Portage the same day to play the Moors.  Would this be a wise decision?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks    
A small group of us are planning a short trip to the area.  We are playing Yarrow and the Medalist.  We are debating whether to play 36 at Grande, or 36 at Stonehedge (18 on the north and 18 on the south).  We have never been to the area, and would appreciate opinions.  From what I can tell, we can't go wrong picking either. 
Walden Pond 73.6 136 7001 yards
I happened to start reading this thread, and decided to give it a try.  I ran up to Michaels ( I was the only man in the store) and bought a few things.  I ended up doing my wedges, putter, and filling in the numbers on my irons.  Any Hawk fans out there?           The putter is dirty around the bottom edges here, and I can't get to it.  Any ideas how to clean it up a bit?  I also made my sight line black.  The white ends up turning brown after a while...
I finished the season at 2.3, and shot a 90 last season.  Two 9's and an 11 in the round.  I forgot how to play golf for about 35 total minutes that round.  4 over in 15 holes.......14 over in 3 holes.  All 3 of them were par 5's.  5 penalties in that spectacle of holes.  It was quite an ugly few holes. 
 The Brickyard is definitely worth the play once.  I am not a big racing fan, so I didn't get as much of a kick out of it as others I am sure.  The conditions of the course are top notch.  I liked the layout of the holes as far as each individual one.  I didn't care at all for the proximity of everything.  I understand they had to squeeze this in a very small area.  If they could have spread this out on about 300 acres, I would have really liked it.   Regardless, good...
I believe my launch angle was about 13.8. I am not 100% sure if that is the exact number (I didn't write it down), but that's pretty close. I do know he said we needed to get that down. I was hitting a UST Proforce V2 75. The numbers listed above were using that shaft with a 9* KZG PTI head.
I was just on a flightscope this past week, and had my numbers looked at. The one thing I never asked the guy was how much could I reduce the spin by switching balls. I currently use the Pro V1, and that is the ball that I was using on the monitor. My numbers were: club speed: 109.5 ball speed : 163.9 spin: 2860 carry: 272 smash: 1.5 Would changing to a Pro V1x reduce the spin that much? I hate to get rid of the feel of the Pro V1, but I would like to get...
I am going to be in Fort Wayne this spring to play Sycamore Hills, and was wondering about other courses in the area. I was hoping to play a few other public courses while I'm there. If anyone has any recommendations for the top courses within about 50 miles of Fort Wayne, I would appreciate it. Thanks
Four of us are going up to the Petoskey area next summer for a while to golf. None of us have ever been up there, and don't know what courses we should play. Based on things I have read, etc we have come up with a list of courses. The problem is narrowing it down. They all look outstanding. If you don't mind, please pick 6 of the courses that you think we should choose to play. Of those 6, which 2 would you spend all day at for 36 holes? Just simply basing it on the...
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