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That I can live with. 
By the 2% I mean the fact that he only beats his girlfriend once every 50 days.Or the thief that only stole from his employer three times that year.I am not talking about human foibles and common weaknesses.I am talking about pathological character flaws.A cheat who denies cheating is not someone who is simply showing common human frailty.
I disagree totally. It is things like this that define a person's real character.  If you had an employee who you thought was a good worker and you discovered that last weekend he did something utterly shameful and refused to accept responsibility for it - even mocked authority over it, would you give him a pass?   I will say that a person who throws rubbish out of a car window is a scumbag. If I saw you do it,as an adult,  it would forever change my perception of you.I...
This is what Judy Rankin should have said:   You know, this great game of ours is based on honesty and integrity. This young lady, in my opinion, has just made a major error of judgment that may affect how she is remembered and how she is regarded by her peers, as well as the millions of golf fans out there. She needs to do something about it very quickly. Not only will she damage her own reputation, but what she appears to have done also makes a mockery of the ideals...
Phew. That's a relief. But, in court you  can bet that it would be tabled as a defence. 
If that's true, I place it in the same basket as Tim Clarke's need for a long putter because he has an arm/elbow issue.
How do you describe someone trying to gain an unfair advantage over her peers in a sport where honesty and self-assessment of penalties is supposedly the norm and what sets the game apart?Are you going to say she's "just a kid", or that "we all make mistakes" or that "she may not have known the rule"? This player knowingly and wilfully cheated. There is no debate and no grey area. When confronted with irrefutable evidence and what would initially be considered a mild...
Are you kidding?Her intention is there for all the world to see. Watch the video.She deserves every insult that is flung in her direction. She is a disgusting, vile, dishonest, cheat.
Because she is clearly a cheat.There may have been a spike mark between her ball and the hole also.It certainly seemed to be something she was very much at ease with.Her reaction to the decision is all you need to know about this low life scumbag.
New Posts  All Forums: