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Dan is comin' to gitcha!
Not as worrisome as I thought, but a lot of people don't like seeing the tee. I suppose, though, if you're unable to get a tee in the ground it could work. What about teeing grounds that aren't flat, which is most? By that I mean longer grass and bumpy ground, not sloping tees.
To the OP:   Do not waste another minute or dollar on this project unless you are doing it for yourself for fun. Seriously. The support prongs on the base are going to interfere with the club at address either physically or psychologically. A vertical line from the outward extremity of the base means you can get your club close to the ball but you'll see the tee.   It's an interesting idea, but who wants something standing between their club and the ball? Many people...
Yep. That combined with an inability to "own" behaviour and accept responsibility is a bad combination. Narcissistic tendencies need to be curbed when your number is up, but try telling that to a Narcissist!  But the blaming of others is what is worse.30 caddies were all bad, you see and the media pick on him.Someone gave him a yardage that was three metres out and, of course, being such an awesome player, it means the difference between a win and a loss. He's always...
Yes, but carving them from wood would be easier to do and they'd certainly be cheaper. 
You might want to get your metaphors right, otherwise you'll end up in the grammar thread.The term is "deep seated", not deep seeded.  
You mean deep-seated, don't you? And no, I don't think that the kind of "help" that you would be suggesting is of any benefit at all. Embarrassment may well make a person think twice about committing a similar mistake later on. Remember, this fellow has a habit of sacking hard-working caddies (over 30) for no good reason and being an all round jerk.  And I'd be happy to see a list of people I've thrown stones at that don't deserve them.People who can hit a ball out of knee...
Ridicule is the help that people like Allenby need. Public shaming and embarrassment can be quite powerful aids in solving the problems of some people.
Buy a dictionary.Imagine how much you'd be squealing if they underestimated it.
It was started by someone who, like Dan and the "want to turn Pro" types think that "pros" are rich and famous.He doesn't understand that most sell drinks and chocolate bars and play once a fortnight if they are lucky.
New Posts  All Forums: