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I'll let the misplaced apostrophe go, but are sure you meant "genitals on your hands"?  Did you not mean that "Dawn is gentle on your genitals"?
Spieth was forced to drop it nearest to where the ball originally landed, however it wasn't of much benefit. "When I dropped it, it rolled down into a bare hole spot where I couldn't chip it on to the green because I had to deal with the fringe in front of the green," Spieth said.
Figured that, but it was a real shame when they stopped. I don't know -  some kind of sponsored syndication deal would be nice. The conversations were great as they were so current and relevant, as well as not having to hold any allegiances. Good, down to earth and honest stuff. They tied a few threads together and gave a nice sort of "final word" in some cases. So much better than anything else out there.But there are 32 hours in a day, aren't there?  
So what's the answer to the obvious question. I know you're a guy with nothing but free time and no job/interests/family/hobbies etc. Surely you need something to fill the void! 
There would be nothing about his game that would better than a solid 8 handicapper.There is certainly nothing in his stats to suggest anything but a mediocre short game.As for "pro caliber', what is he like from 6 inch rough when he is short sided? What's he like off a variety of surfaces? What's he like on really quick greens?29 putts is what I hope for in an average round. I consider myself a good putter. I don't consider myself to have a "pro caliber" short game because...
I used to enjoy The Sandtrap podcasts 
Pro caliber?29-30 putts?It may well indicate that he is a very poor putter.  There is no correlation between this number of putts and how good a putter he is.There have been dozens of threads about this. In most cases, 29 putts doesn't mean good putting. It means approach shots missing the green.He is relying on 1 putts for many of his pars. That doesn't mean he has a good short game.
You think he has a chance?Wanna bet?
Like a lot of sports, a lot of it requires an allegiance to a team. Otherwise it is hard to get involved emotionally.To a person who doesn't watch golf, Rory needing a 10 footer to win the 2015 Masters is just a dorky looking guy trying to hit a ball into a hole.
It is a deliberate ploy to stop the opponent hearinmg the ball come off the strings, which helps you know what the ball will do.
New Posts  All Forums: