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Plenty of references to this putter on Google 
Unfortunately, some of the history of that particular putter is that some fool has tried to polish it 
Exactly.As a long time Apple user I was forced to work on a Windows 8 laptop the other day. One of my most unpleasant experiences in ages.My partner has a Galaxy 3 - yep, great camera, large size, but compared to my iphone? No thanks. It's about the user experience. I remember when the ipad was introduced. The Apple "haters" said things like "But it's just a big ipod touch". Not to Samsung - it's not just about size or features.
What is it that makes people think that there would be an insurance policy where he he could basically decide he doesn't want to play and get millions? The policy would be about a career ending injury, not a loss of form or desire.
The question - or statement -  was about Phil and Tiger both being absent.Yeah------he should have refused to comment. That would have made him look good. At least we know why athlete interviews are so boring - because the media  (And forum posters) love making a storm in a teacup.
The weirdest thing is the bizarre shape of that "tongue" going into the bunker with vertical sides and what looks like artificial grass on it!
Yes. The idea of not swapping cards on the first tee or after the first hole sounds weird to me. Obviously its one of those things that cheats do.I haven't marked my own card once in 40 years of playing golf.
For crying out loud - how hard is it? You putt out and say "4" or whatever you had. If the other person doesn't get the hint and reciprocate by announcing his score you say "6 right?" when they putt out. If they say "No, 5", you count them out aloud. You say "Oh...I thought you left one in the bunker..." or " but it was three putts wasn't it?" He'll get the message. You don't need apps or any technology     Alternatively, get a card and say "OK, 4 for me and 6 for...
It depends how they've been sanded. The other day I was putting on aerated greens that had grown and not been cut because of wet weather.  It was a nightmare - basically trying to avoid three putting from 10 feet.   Usually I'd say the difference in actual strokes is minimal, but you tend not to make as many 6 footers.
What a great opportunity for grandstanding without having the opportunity to back up the Phil Mickelson type talk. Your family will appreciate the security the extra money will provide more than your presence at the actual birth.   But hey - if you want to think I'm awesome, I'll say "No amount of money will compensate for missing that moment. You can have your 11.4 million"  Yeah, right.......
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