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World #1 for 331 weeks.
Dunlop and Slazenger were the biggest names in sport for decades in the UK and Australia/New Zealand. In fact, they were the ONLY names until the mid 70s. Apart from Spalding.
He wasn't stating an "opinion". He said that Tiger Woods had been suspended.It was wilful and malicious defamation and he deserves to have his arse sued from beneath him.
How can you have the "opinion" that someone has been suspended for a month? You may as well say you have the "opinion" that someone was arrested for burglary despite not being aware of anything having gone missing. This idiot deserves  to be sued.
I am talking about DIY handicappers who make up their own rules and give each other putts and take mulligans - the ones we read about here who say they had 79 when their partner (the poster here) says they wouldn't have broken 90. Or the ones where someone here says their boss or their father or father in law rolls the ball, knocks back putts  etc. and essentially cheats, claiming a low handicap and never scoring near it. A newcomer to the game could think he played with a...
My problem with these types of scenarios is that I don't believe that we're comparing apples with apples.The handicapping system is supposed to take into account all of the variables, but it doesn't when people do it their own way. When I think of a scratch player, and the dozens I have known over the years, I am thinking about a player who is regularly under par and expects par. A round of 75 on a decent course in OK weather is a poor round, but is erased by several...
Because I didn't respond to a message in the middle of the night? Not everyone is glued to a computer, you know.What is the point you are trying to make?Are you offended because I think that McIlroy is not going to be concerned about missing a cut, whilst you think he he has been humbled? My understanding of the swing thread concept is that people create swing threads because they seek feedback from some of the instructors on the site.A quick search will show that I have...
It might be close 1 round out of 20.And Kaymer would have to be injured in that round.
Unbelievable. And if "we" don't, so what if "some other country" does it. Let them bankrupt themselves for no good reason.
Humbled?You think missing a cut humbles McIlroy?He missed a cut. He has not been humbled.
New Posts  All Forums: