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 It is nothing like a Circa 62. It is your run of the mill SC Ping anser copy.
You need to a take  "awhile" off this site and do what you say you are going to do.You have got expert instructors spending huge amounts of time giving you detailed and presumably FREE responses to your seemingly hourly updates.has it occurred to you that the changes you are looking for do not happen overnight? The instructors suggest something that is part of a process and you instantly claim that it works or that you can't hit the ball at all.You are neither playing nor...
How would anyone know? They don't. What is the point of having a guess? What will be just as irritating is when in 9 months' time, people link to this thread saying that they were right.
It is called being an extremely strong player.   The answer to your question is in the same area that you'll find out how to hit a 4 iron from 220 metres from a sandy lie sand over a greenside bunker. Or how to hit 300 metre drives over dog legs and lakes.   Or how to shoot 3 point baskets consistently from 15 yards out. :-)
The forges/cast issue is immaterial. But you would be better off using some forgiving cavity back irons.
Don't even get me started on your Lady MacBeth. It's Macbeth. :-)
There is nothing more predictable than a flurry of people bagging TM everytime thay bring out something new. Who cares how often they do it? Who cares what they call them? Noone is forced to buy their stuff. If their strategy wasn't working, they wouldn't do it. If you are worried about the resale value of your club, do what the TM staff players do. Stick with a model you like. But I do feel sorry for retailers stuck with stock that they have to heavily discount...
I don't think anyone is suggesting that it one of the most amazing sporting feats in history.But...how many of those from your 12 year old team are earning $500,000 per week?
Pardon?Which players are given this advantage? All players may currently use this stroke.Is there a list of players who are not permitted to do it? Of course there isn't.It has nothing to do with advantage.
I know because cheats aren't tolerated and are never forgotten, nor forgiven.
New Posts  All Forums: