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You have a huge problem with cheats being identified?That's a strange position to have.We are talking here about cheating, not rules violations like a club grazing a weed in a hazard and oscillating golf balls
The times we live in - female actress photo leaks
I'd be looking anywhere but there.He has no ideas.His mission at the moment seems to be to a have a positive mindset. That's it.
I fly frequently. The only time I have ever used the recline function was when there was no row directly behind me. I consider it the height of rudeness. I have been made very uncomfortable by people in front using theirs. With space in planes being used up by extra seats, I think the recline function on all seats that can interfere with seats behind them should be disabled. The thing is that you don't need to have a seat that reclines, so why not make sure that...
It would usually have the same calculation at the knockout (post qualification) stage.
I don't see how. The OP was about a televised example of outrageously poor sportsmanship and cheating.You somehow wanted to twist that around to be suggesting that I'm an a*hole and would probably use derogatory terms if you did something that wasn't even close to what Choi did.  Give me one single example of a "crazy angle" used to discount another person's viepoint. There are very few things I really disagree with here, except people who can't break 90 regularly thinking...
I am struggling to understand how this competition works. You seem to be saying that there are 4 players in a team. I have never heard of match play with 4 person teams.   4 ball means two teams of two/
But you aren't because you have posed a question which has no bearing on the topic, showing that you don't understand the point.Admitting that you cheat is not that great a thing, you know. Pity Chella Choi isn't more like you.
This thread is about a professional golfer who was caught blatantly cheating. She refused to accept a penalty. The LPGA seems too gutless to act further at this stage.What does that have to do with you on the golf course? Are you on TV? Did millions see you cheat?  And....how would you describe a cheat who doesn't like being busted?Are you saying that you'd react similarly? If the cap fits, wear it.
And Callaway x forged.  Again - all good. All the same.
New Posts  All Forums: