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More BS PR from this moron.
Surprise surprise. Monty makes a statement and it is misinterpreted and its context is ignored. Monty is talking about Rory's game at the moment , not his final record. Sure there's a bit of hyperbole, but he isn't saying that Rory is the best player ever. He's saying that if Tiger comes back, he's going to have to beat someone who is at a higher level than he was. He's pretty close to the mark.
  Poor effort.  
Of course it's staged. It's a reaction to the one of the child.  Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz 
Of course it's staged! The point is that the guy is a disgusting vandal.
I   'ave created a sandtrap
What a pig. Let's hope he is identified, arrested and charged with malicious damage to property.
None.As it is, the Presidents Cup is only interesting for some people some of the time. For example Australian viewers when it is played in, say, Melbourne.The U.S. players have to pretend they find it important. The non U.S., non Euro players have to like it because it's that or nothing. And a poor relation to the Ryder Cup.Most people like the Ryder Cup because it has history and drama and the disturbing pattern it has taken on over the least decade, and what it reveals...
I would not be grumpy if I could! 
LOL. I'm saying that people have to stop giving newcomers to the game misinformation.
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