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Care to say why?You have a situation where a player has been suspended for a violation that some people think he isn't responsible for.I want them to explain themselves.
Your drives aren't too long, are they? 
But isn't the discussion evolving?Now that the speculation is over, isn't it fair to delve into other related and highly relevant territory?
Sorry. Not sure I am buying this. Are you seriously saying that you can't remember every shot of a round you just played? I know you were frazzled, but.......   Are you sure something else didn't happen to make you feel guilty? Just sayin', as they say.   On the other hand, signing an incorrect scorecard is not, by definition cheating. You have to decide whether you signed an incorrect card or got away with something. That is between you and your conscience. But,...
How big is it?
Well you'd think so, wouldn't you?I'm referring to the apologists who claim that drug dependency or alcoholism or obesity is a "disease".
But asthma's  a disease ..........and being a drug addict or an alcoholic is a disease.......... they should all go.  Shouldn't they...... Don't you think..........?
What!!!!!!!!???????  Suspended for having a DISEASE????? Have the asthmatics been suspended as well? If not, why not?What about Eric Compton?? Why hasn't he been given a holiday? This is DISCRIMINATION!!!!  
As long as you are happy to apply the same standards to your wife/girlfriend, sister that/s fine. They can do what they like. I, personally, myself, me prefer the real to the fake and I particularly hate narcissism.  Call me old fashioned, but I tend not to be attracted to publicity *****s who feel that unless they're half naked they have no value. And think that posting "sexy" instagram pictures of themselves looking "cute" is cool. Sorry. ;-)
No-one ever needs to apologise to me on this forum. But thanks :-)
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