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Worst post of the decade.
I used to quite like McCord, even bought his book. Now I find him so irritating I can't listen to him at all. All of the fake excitement and "boyish" enthusiasm make him such a jerk. It's like he has a formula and he refuses to deviate from it for a second.
Ahhhh - I stand corrected. That is Torres9.You're the one with the fixation on other things.How about some examples of this "treatment"?
From Torres9: Not the best performances at the Honda. But he's got supreme talent and will rise after being humbled and cut.   10 inder after 15 in round 3. Amazing that he can bounce back after being "humbled". I thought it would take years. Winning the Matchplay event must have helped him overcome this horrendous humiliation  
The reason for gimmes in "make up the rules and call yourself a 5 marker but I've never broken 80" stroke play  is because people know they can miss the short ones. But... they have the excuse that they're "saving time". 
I think I remember iacas once intimating that, yes. It was a thread where someone dug themselves a hole and got found out. Not saying I'm right, but I think I might be. BTW, angry correspondent, I'm deleting your missives without delay, in an "unread" state.
Yeah, but only people who make up rules and claim to be on the road to stardom before they can break 100. 
BTW - he's sent me an extremely long message which I didn't bother to read. The apostrophe abuse wore me out. Anyway - he clearly has some anger issues, given that he thinks this place is pretentious and unfriendly.   I wonder why some people can't make friends.
Aren't you the one who said that Rory had been "humiliated" a few months back when he didn't win a tournament?  No need to get narky.
Today I received a PM from a guy who has posted a handful of times.   In one of his posts he says:    I've been around forums since about 1998, all different kinds, and this is one of the most pretentious and unfriendly places I have been a part of     His post to me said:   F*&% off and die - but he didn't censor the offending letters.     Now - who has the problem here? He couldn't be specific in what his objection to me is, but he seemed to be confusing my...
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