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In the world of professional sports, almost no-one. ESPECIALLY not family.History is a great teacher.
Next time don't pretend you meant something you didn't and jump horses midstream.You were basically saying "Michael Phelps dated a WHAT!!!???"Then.....you saw that not everyone is as prejudiced and pretended to be saying something else.At least be honest about it.
I don't think the title of the thread was "Phelps' ex-girlfriend tries to ambush and embarrass him with unsubstantiated claims."
I don't know about that.I think you'll find that it is very obvious whether a male is gay or straight from a very young age.People may experiment, but I don't think anyone is "turned" gay.  In any case - this is probably heading in an off topic direction.The OP seemed to be horrified that Phelps may have had a relationship that he considers odd.For the record, Ian Thorpe recently came out on TV but everyone knew for years that he was gay. No-one cares, but they are glad...
I think you'll find that people follow their own sexual persuasions whether they are condoned or not.I don't think statistics are made up of those other than LGBT people.You seem to be saying that some people are so easily influenced in this area that they will do things that are against their nature.No amount of acceptance of a particular persuasion would encourage me to try it if it weren't what I was biologically predisposed towards.
What do you mean "wth"?What is your issue? Why would it matter, even if it were true?People have relationships with other people. Amazing.
It looks like ceremonial dress for some weird cult. Classic. :-) Here are the junior members on their way to the zipline.
Greg Norman was the greatest driver in the history of the game. Staggeringly long AND very accurate. He was several levels above and beyond his peers. Technology levelled the playing field. There were players like Andy Bean who hit it a long way but not straight. If Norman were in his prime now (and Nicklaus), the distance they would get with modern drivers would be frightening. McIlroy probably could have competed with wooden drivers. He isn't holding back very much...
The predictions have come to pass.   Needs to win tournaments. Can't afford to enter them. Can't win them if he's not in them. Surely could win them, though. Not his fault. Mission accomplished.
So....who was the aggressor here?And do you seriously think that muttering something "to yourself" is nothing to do with him?
New Posts  All Forums: