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A more relevant fact may be that you could serve the ball faster than John McEnroe or Martina Navratilova.What does it actually mean? That you still wouldn't be able to take a game from either of them. Any discussion about Dan's relative swing speed, smash factor is irrelevant.Fact is, he wouldn't be in the top 50 players in any golf club in The U.S., U.K. or Australia.His "quest" becomes more and more absurd.
Very interesting read, Mvmac. Thanks. Just the sort of reality check that people don't want to believe because Ian Poulter played off 4 at some point as if that means something.   It's intriguing how Dan McLaughlin is going to be able to bypass all this stuff and just walk onto the tour in a couple of years.  
http://lowestscorewins.comUnless of course you were hoping for a freebie.It didn't take me long to find the website and I don't even have a copy. You did. 
Azinger would be insane to be part of it.He would understandably want to keep his record intact.
Yeah...he's only worth 300 million. Bit of a loser off the golf course.....
According to clubdog. There is a new breed of golfer, and we old fogies better get used to it. Gimmes are cool. OB is a one shot penalty with no distance. Sticklers for the rules  -like those who say a 7 is really a 9 have no place in the new world order.   It's all about attitude and claiming the right to say you play off 5 when really you can't break 90. All these new players have great etiquette and refuse to play with those who like to play it "old style". They...
You mean we are in an era where you don't have to follow the rules and score any way you like?And you don't want to be made to feel guilty about cheating?Sorry. I missed the memo.As far as I am concerned, we are in an era where you add up your score and that's what you get. Still. Not an approximation of it.Any variation on that is fine, but don't say you have a score and don't pretend to have a handicap.
1. To fit the shape of your hands. 2. To minimise the wrist breaking down during the stroke.   Maybe you should try Googling "Why fat putter grips".
I doesn't know what they was.But I doesn't think it would mean anything. Does you?You could work it out though. 
No it isn't.The U.S. team won when Azinger used it. It isn't necessarily the reason they won. They wore a certain brand of clothing that year too. That doesn't prove anything.
New Posts  All Forums: