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I though we were safe from Busseyisms here.  
Getting nicks and scratches on irons is a bit like getting a scratch on a new car. It's almost a relief so you don't have to worry about them anymore.   Drivers and putters are different. Any damage on the head and topline means an ebay excursion for me.
You are filing it down to protect yourself from scratches and potential nicks on the ball if it is super sharp. Wedges get bashed up pretty much from sand anyway - more your 56 - but nothing you do with a file will affect its playability.
Don't.It is another example of technology solving a problem that doesn't exist. It's cool, but you don't need it.
Hard to see it as an example going backwards. Seriously. Why not simply "an example"? This sort of language has to stop. The younger guys won't see it as acceptable. They will see it as Phil grandstanding again and seeing himself as bigger than the game.Watson was a dreadful captain - and the fact that he seemed to enjoy being called "captain" by the players underscores this. Talk about cringeworthy..... The mini-pod Christian pairing of Watson and Simpson was another...
I can't think of anything worse than being in a team of 12 and having the prayer group doing their own thing. I don't mind the concept of pods in a Ryder Cup context, but not if it means Z.Johnson, Fowler, Bubba and Webb Simpson form a pod, which they clearly would.
You are not a real golfer if you yell and scream when you make a birdie/eagle or chip in/hole out from a bunker/fairway. A high five is OK for something exceptional but no need for anything vocal that players not in your group will hear.   Don't start me on "eagles" on 400 yard par 5s or 240 yard par 4s.
imagine the Christian Pod of about 8 players Or is "other" the PC term?
A dying putt on the high side has a chance of dropping in.A dying putt under the hole cannot go in.Also, you will find that most weekend golfers underread putts by as much as 100%, meaning they'll allow a foot rather than two feet.Speed is everything, but my belief is that dying putts at the hole go in more than the common idea of hitting it 18 inches past the hole. I'm talking about longer putts there.
New Posts  All Forums: