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Google is for searching known information. Message boards are for sharing opinions and ideas.Could you explain to me how an internal combustion engine works, please?
First post. No "please", no "thanks".   No reason at all to assume they are not real. Thanks a lot.
Hey...He has "no problem hitting fairways" and "is striking the ball well".It is clearly an equipment issue as his game is clearly very sound.
Do an internet search along the lines of "how to be a good caddy" There's no need for someone to write you an essay when the information is already out there.
Noone doubts it was for real. But getting around to getting an injury fixed is a lot different to playing with what the common perception of a broken leg is.If you can walk, let alone play golf, let alone win a U.S. Open on a broken leg, it is not a broken leg beyond a technical description.
OK . I'll be even more obvious then, given your abrasive and defence retort.The ball does not cause your slicing.Who said you compared your game to pros?You were talking about balls and seemed to think that the brand of ball might cause your mishits.If you have "no problem" hitting fairways the ball won't make any difference at all.If you are "striking the ball well" you won't be hitting trees and branches.There are balls where the claim is that they lessen side spin, but...
The question is, do you think a pro would be hitting trees and branches and adding 8 strokes to their scores if they played a different ball? Balls can make a difference, but they don't make you hit bad shots.
You'd have 20 winners if everyone made the putts they would have on decent greens. Had DJ made that putt would we be looking at a Vine with 20 handicappers analysing his stroke and saying "Wow - It's amazing he made that putt." When you don't give each other 4 footers on crap greens you'll miss some, I promise.
Especially those who don't know how to spell his name. Jack Nicholas is the same.
How do you know what the leg was like?
New Posts  All Forums: