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This wasn't this guy's experience.
Not all recreation involves the killing and suffering of an innocent party. How would you feel if someone else's "recreation" was to hunt you? Would you respect their desire to make no excuses for it as you do? It is one thing to hunt for food. To pretend to do it for population control is disingenuous. To admit doing it for fun is (in my mind) abhorrent and despicable. And for the record I have never had the desire to "relate" to the killing of animals for fun or "getting...
Buy you said you want some if they're a good price.My recommendation would be that you stick with people who actually design and make clubs for a living, not someone who wants to "make them really cheap". (His words, not mine)There are plenty of cheap OEM clubs available with good shafts, grips and heads.
Quality not an issue?
As long as it's fun. Otherwise, save your money. Offer as many sizes as you can. You then cut the shafts to order.
Yes - a shot out of it and a decent putt away from being in it. Didn't even make the playoff. Pathetic.I mean - it's not as if there was anything riding on his performance. Nothing to talk about really.Why is someone who FAILED to make the playoff worthy of any mention? No idea.We're bound to see the Grand Slam completed at least 20 times in the next 25 years. It's like Cink/Watson. Who knows why there's more talk about Watson than Cink years later? It's a complete...
Given that you could manipulate a round and have 18 putts, obviously a hole in one.22 putts usually equates to iron shots missing the green, not good putting, put decent chipping and putting to close to the hole from off the green.If you had 22 putts and shot 14 under par, that's different.
^^^^^^^^^^ The above has been cut and pasted from somewhere with no attribution or acknowledgement. The implication being that it is the "correct" answer. It is essentially someone's opinion. The thread indicates that there are different ways of looking at it.
Then root for Dunne. An amateur winning a major in the modern era would be an historic event. "Flukish"? It's pretty hard to impress some people. What a disgustingly arrogant and condescending insult.An amateure leads the Open but you criticise him as "Not exactly predicted as having a great future". Geeeeezzzz.Having your name on that trophy and being an amateur would make him immortal in some respects.I'm sure Ben Curtis is happy to have won his Open, but you'd thrash...
New Posts  All Forums: