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When the OP said it would be easy to get sponsorship for such an event I disagreed. It's easy to spend someone else's money.
No-one getting behind it because no-one is interested. Why should pros play a silly season event where the only possible outcome is that they can't be seen at their best?They aren't circus performers. The concept is akin to making right handers play left handed or have them wearing fancy dress costumes.And, "Mr Palmer" may not want his clubs being used. The average spectator wants to see golf being played, pure and simple. They can get their heads around concepts like...
You obviously feel more comfortable on a handgun forum.I think that for you to make accusations about people having low self esteem is a little odd. Maybe they're just grumpy or cranky or irritable. There are diverse opinions here, but I generally find it a very civil place.I'm not sure why you would worry about people being opinionated on a forum. That's the point, isn't it? What is the problem with people being radical?You also seem to be applying positive attributes to...
Smart move.Otherwise, you'll find that everyone has a copy, but not everyone has bought a copy ;-)
I don't think there are many people interested in "old" equipment. It's a very specialised interest. The average viewer wouldn't know what was going on. Only a fraction of people on this site would be interested, so I think that is saying it would be a commercial blooper. Who would be interested in sponsoring something which limits the players? That's not the same as saying I wouldn't like to see some top players hitting older equipment because I would. But in a...
Then problem with "smack talking" on a golf course is that you look pretty silly when the person you're trying to put off his game is better than you. Apart from that, Justin Rose is a nice guy and wouldn't lower himself to that level. Friendly banter and joking is one thing, but the line is drawn well before someone looks like a jerk.
I wonder if he has even acknowledged iacas' offer. Privately if not in public.I would think it's the polite thing to do.And remember that iacas isn't trying to get something out of him.
The honest truth is that no-one here has a clue, so any advice is really  pointless.When you can beat everyone you play against in your county you might consider asking the question.There are people who dedicate every spare hour they have to golf and can't break 90.There are others who pick it up quickly and get to a low handicap within a few years and then play to it for 50 years. Your best bet is to go and find out yourself. Play  a lot, get lessons and work on your game.
Except when he's saying they're incredible, as he did today.Tiger has always given credit where it is due.
What makes you say that? I love Tiger.Best to read my post.....it was about him not necessarily winning a couple of majors this year because there are a couple of half decent hackers out there who may like to compete.......
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