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Why on earth would you putt like Bobby Locke with today's putters?
A bit late to the party, aren't you? 6 posts and you're telling me to take a hike?Read the whole thread.We're working towards a resolution and the advice you have offered was offered within hours of the original post.
It is actually probably great news for Duffner.
"temperament" is not necessarily related to temper.It just means that they were different types of people.
Not surprising at all. She was a publicity hound and as soon as you saw those hideous shots of her in a  bikini swinging a golf club, the writing was on the wall. It's the "look at me me me"  instagram generation of conceited, self-obsessed  wannabes. The world revolves around them and their photos of their butts and bellies. No class at all.   He's just a decent, normal guy (apart from the tobacco chewing). She loves the limelight too much. Do an image search and...
They would be fine.If you don't want to be fitted, or have been fitted and know what specs you have, gol* st*reeurope.com is an excellent source of legitimate clubs. They have great customer service too.
I'm all for speculation when it comes to betting on the outcome as a form of competition and fun, but for people to be seriously "picking" and "liking" certain players to win is ridiculous. Moreso, people after the event who claim to have had "a feeling". Someone might get it right, but their guess is really no better than anyone's. Monkeys and typewriters.   There are probably 30 players who could win and 20 who almost certainly won't. The possibles list is...
I've seen dozens.But if someone has sold several sets of Vokey wedges brand new you have to wonder where he got them and why he can sell them for less than the wholesale price.
It isn't beside the point.If it was OK for anyone to buy these clubs wholesale from Titleist and sell them at a lower profit margin than authorised stockists as a little hobby how would that pan out?You would have to be very naive  or XXXXXXX not to smell something fishy in offerings such as this.Major OEMs do not wholesale equipment to random people off the street.They will unload excess and superseded stock to authorised sellers.
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