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You don't get it? Have you been living under  a rock?You think that calling someone a girl is an insult? That that's "inconsequential"?I'm guessing you're not female. And all of you people who were praising the "like a girl" campaign .... this is the point, isn't it?
Why not just say "Hang on - I think you're in front of the markers." in a friendly way. You're doing him a favour.Your ridiculous sounding formality comes across as pompous and aggressive.It's not as if it's an obscure rule. Just say "Mate, you're in front of the markers."
Would you humour a person who had never played guitar saying he was going to join the Rolling Stones? An ADULT, that is? And wanted you to fund his quest?It's because of his awkward combination of arrogance and ignorance.He has a complete lack of respect and admiration for what may be in many cases a genetic advantage, or sheer hard work, guts and determination in others.He doesn't know what a PGATour pro does. He has clearly never actually seen or LOOKED at how they...
Here we go again. People just making stuff up.He said nothing of the sort.A quote taken completely out of context and interpreted incorrectly. For the record, McEnroe was consistently voted the fairest  player by his peers. If a call went his way he would almost always deliberately lose the next point. Came off as a jerk occasionally, but was never once wrong about decisions he disputed.
Glad you noticed. That's the point,after all. 
Imagine the review. It would be the equivalent of:"I am really impressed with the feedback I am getting from my new forged wedges. They are really accurate." He will just spew forth gibberish - but when he's addressing "believers" at his future seminars he'll be able to say "It wasn't until I saw the numbers from Flightscope that I was able translate what I had learnt in onto the course"It will be just meaningless drivel and he'll skirt around any technical questions and...
People who call their putters "flatsticks" do.
A more relevant fact may be that you could serve the ball faster than John McEnroe or Martina Navratilova.What does it actually mean? That you still wouldn't be able to take a game from either of them. Any discussion about Dan's relative swing speed, smash factor is irrelevant.Fact is, he wouldn't be in the top 50 players in any golf club in The U.S., U.K. or Australia.His "quest" becomes more and more absurd.
Very interesting read, Mvmac. Thanks. Just the sort of reality check that people don't want to believe because Ian Poulter played off 4 at some point as if that means something.   It's intriguing how Dan McLaughlin is going to be able to bypass all this stuff and just walk onto the tour in a couple of years.  
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