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Not as long as "Nature vs Nurture" :-)
I guarantee you'd be surprised at what people really think about that."Touchy feely" and "affectionate" types who reserve their "affection" for those of the opposite sex are pretty much though of as sleaze bags. Sorry.
The thing I disliked most about the program was that it basically implied that Dan had achieved "expert" status and the only question was whether this had been achieved through dedicated practice or whether his talent was natural. As has been seen in his website videos, he is a particularly unathletic looking specimen. He was revelling in the attention and invariably rambled on beyond what was wanted from him. As I suspected, the average non golf savvy viewers would...
You have got to be joking.A fool and his money are easily separated.......Eat a banana and drink some water.
But I don't think that's him.He's just quoting their advertising PR junk.
Nicklaus Woods Patrick Reed  Bobby Jones Hogan Hagan Player Watson Sarazan Sneed
You are the one who is making a fool of yourself.There are many putter manufacturers who do EXACTLY what SC does.They are mass produced, milled putters. So what?If they were better than everything else, why wouldn't every pro use one? You have been conned. Benchmarks? Copies of Ping putters? Yeah, right. SC has mastered the art of imitation. Why does that impress you so much.SC is a marketing genius and he has fooled lots of golfers into believing that they are buying...
Because you weren't using a putting stroke.Perhaps a putting stroke for an 80 yard putt
Lihu - you're a great guy but you mustn't enable someone who is on the internet yet is too lazy to use it !!! 
It's a long shot, but maybe if you typed "Mizuno history" in Google you'd get some results. Unlikely, but possible.Do you have a friend who has  computer? Maybe they could do that for you if you wrote them a letter asking.Otherwise, some kind member will surely type out a few pages for you.  
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