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Wow...those look great!  Especially from the side!
Tiger...I've rooted against him ever since he turned pro, got paid by Nike and got shoved down our marketing throats.  I really enjoyed last year when he wasn't playing.
Wow, I had the opposite reaction to the R9's.  I didn't like the way they felt at all and I didn't like the looks.  I liked the MX200's but I wasn't consistent enough with them for them to make my short list.  I hit the MX100's better.  When hit correctly, the 200's felt great.  I hit the GC7s and thought they were a good solid offering.  I ended up buying G15's and I couldn't be happier.
Summer time: Bud Light Lime or Corona Light Any Time: Bud Light Sometimes: Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Shock Top, Hefe's, Red Oak (local to NC, I think) Have a good weekend, beer bash is starting here at work....
Good topic guys. I play lots of sports and used to have serious issues with swamp ass and chafing in my nether region. Especially during volleyball tournaments. Lots of talk on here about compression shorts and a few mentioning briefs. Under Armour Boxer Briefs solved the issue for me. I don't care for the actual compression shorts but the boxer briefs are light, comfortable and great at wicking away moisture. Plus, for running they are long enough to prevent a bit...
This is by far the best post on this thread. Many years ago I had one. I was actually more comfortable using my 7-iron so I gave it to a friend of mine. He still uses it. Good for him, it's what he's comfortable with. I guess that makes him an old man, a hack, lazy, etc. etc. Whatever. Great post packerfan1.
I was really happy for Carling. She really hit some great putts to win. I was really bummed when Lilli made the finals but watching Carling win made it worth it. Love the spunk and the victory dances.
One thing I like about P90X is that I can do it at home. I spend some $$ on dumbbells but it's a good tradeoff for me since most of the time when I'm working out it's 10pm after I get my kids to bed. I was always one to go to the gym to workout but you are right that there are lots of people in a gym who are most there to socialize.
LOL, I knew that was coming (or an IPad reference). Well played shades.
Two weeks ago on the 18th hole I took a 9 on a par 5. I scored a 92. I feel your pain. I was pretty upset with myself. Had to take a drop in wet rough and couldn't chip out of it. I shoot in the 80's occasionally, usually in the low/mid 90's. The rounds where I shoot in the 80's are rare enough for me to appreciate them (and hate it when I let one slip away).
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