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That is just silly. I suppose we are all born as fast as Carl Lewis too. He just ran more sprints when he was a kid. I love the posts where people think all you have to do is have tons of "quality practice" to be one of the best in the world at something. What about the thousands of mini tour golfers who practice and play as much as all the PGA tour guys. Why have they not made it??? I'm sure many use the same coaches and put in more time on the range. Hard work beats...
I played there in April, two month before the Open. The fairways were already narrowed to US Open specs but not quite as high yet. The greens were much, much softer than they were during the Open. I would not say it is one of the harder courses I've played. But the wind was only blowing 10-15 that day. I will say its hard to concentrate on golf in such a beautiful place. With that being said I think I shot an 82 with 4 doubles. HA HA!
Here is why your wrong.......when everyone works equally hard, the one with talent will be on top. Your silly. Being on the PGA tour would be like being on the Fortune 500 if your compairing life success and golf success. And I know a many determined people who are not near "that successful".
I play in many other flighted tournaments outside of my club but my club has many member only tournaments that should be fair and fun. Just not the case with so many illegitiment handicaps. My point exactly. Get off your high horse. I like to compete.
I had a pain on my left wrist, pinky side, under the bone. I only hurt while golfing as well. At first it only hurt after a swing but eventually started hurting during. I did some research and found 2 possibilities. I cant remember the names...but it was a tendon that got inflamed. Ibuprophen helped. As quick as it appeared it went away. I still have flare ups but never as bad.
Do any of you notice that handicaps only benefit those with higher ones or am I just a sore looser? My handicap is now +1.8 and my Club has a ton of handicapped tourneys. I basically have no chance to win. I could be more competetive if everyone else turned in all their true scores. Seems like everyone only turns in their bad rounds. I hate to say it but I may start sluffing on mine too.
A scratch golfer could potentially qualify for a Nationwide Tourney. He could potentially be competitive for an event. But there is no chance a zero handicap golfer could compete week in and week out on the Nationwide tour. Here is a cool story about a guy who went from mini tour to pga tour in a few months. I'm not sure of the exact dates and his exact finishes but I'm sure it would be easy to find. Jerod Turner played in the Adams Tour at my country club....he...
I could rent a car. Not planning on it as of now.
I was going to try to play Bethpage in late November during a weekend trip to the city. Bummer....it closes for the winter on Nov. 15. Are there any other courses worth playing around NYC? I really don't care about price if its a nice course. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Can you play golf in NY in November? May be taking a trip then and was going to try and play Beth Page if the weather is playable.
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