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 Rory is potentially transcendent enough that he can carry the mantle going forward - anyone with a legitimate chance of catching Jack will be enough to carry the Tour and maintain most of the money that Tiger has pumped into the game.  The only thing that would absolutely kill the tour would be if something like the LPGA Tour occurred and tournaments were dominated by Asians that did not speak English. 
Why only save 1 pick until after the BMW Championship?  This seems to be the Billy Horschel rule, but why not just wait until then to pick all 4 guys if they want?
I've been a fan since I saw this WITB last year:     Bought his 3 wood off ebay for $140.
Here is the current process, which is prize money based, covering all tournaments the year of the Ryder Cup plus prize money from the majors in the previous year.  So I found the most recent rankings and they show points earned in 2014 - if we go by that, this would be the US rankings - puts Kirk and Horschel on the team, knocks out Zach Johnson and Mickelson.  This seems like a MUCH better way to do the rankings to identify the players that are playing best this year. ...
I generally thought T.Watson did a lackluster job - he seemed just a little too set in his ways and sitting Spieth/Reed on Friday Foursomes and then didn't even have an answer as to why he did that, other than "those aren't things you discuss with the press."   That being said - the final was 16 1/2 to 11 1/2, meaning the US needs to flip 2 1/2 matches to be even.  You can never count on anything in the Ryder Cup, but consider this:   Fowler/Walker 2 up with 2 to...
I really like these matchups for the USI think the pairings came out great for the US.  I like the idea of getting all the rookies out in Fourballs right away and I really like that Spieth/Reed got matched up against Poulter/Gallacher.  It could either be a bloodbath if the Euros get going there or a huge boost for the US if 2 rookies can slay Poulter - who, let's be honest, has been playing worse than Phil and Keegan coming.  I think all 3 of those guys, however, will...
I'd go Bradley, Snedeker and then a toss-up between Mahan and Simpson.  Sneds has the kind of passion the team needs and can get hot with the putter and start rolling in from all over.
Just want to make sure I saw this right - Heath Slocum bogeyed the last to finish 129th in the FedEx Cup rankings - with a par, he would have finished 57th.  Thought I saw that before he teed off on 18.   Ouch.
10 guys within 4 shots of the lead going into Sunday - does it matter if the leader is at -13 or -3?   I'd rather have a setup like Valhalla where it gives guys a chance to go low early in the final round and put the pressure on the leaders rather than guys just dropping like flies.
Don't mind if I do! LOL
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