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I'd go Bradley, Snedeker and then a toss-up between Mahan and Simpson.  Sneds has the kind of passion the team needs and can get hot with the putter and start rolling in from all over.
Just want to make sure I saw this right - Heath Slocum bogeyed the last to finish 129th in the FedEx Cup rankings - with a par, he would have finished 57th.  Thought I saw that before he teed off on 18.   Ouch.
10 guys within 4 shots of the lead going into Sunday - does it matter if the leader is at -13 or -3?   I'd rather have a setup like Valhalla where it gives guys a chance to go low early in the final round and put the pressure on the leaders rather than guys just dropping like flies.
Don't mind if I do! LOL
Anyone still wearing khakis.
He played one 9-hols stretch under par and it was the back 9 on Friday when his back was hurting.  Probably an anomaly, but Tiger still needs to hit it long.  Rory hit an 8 iron into #16 when others were hitting 4 and 5 irons.  That is what Tiger used to do,
I think this preference is because there is usually something unique about European players that you can easily identify them by:   Rory is just the most talented, makes everything look easy Kaymer has that "German robot" mistique Sergio came on the scene at 19, has been prickly and irritable until recently, plus Ryder Cup success McDowell/Rose - put these guys in the same boat - likeable, but we won't "miss them"   Honestly, I think a lot has to do with their...
I think ultimately, Tiger will do Watson a favor and say he's not healthy enough to play and take himself out of consideration. 
He was also paired with Stricker, who contributed absolutely nothing that year and was largely to blame - he did halve his singles match, which was irrelevant by the time they finished. I would not expect Tiger to play 4 or even 5 matches.  I would play him in Friday and Saturday Four Ball only where he has a partner to help carry him if he struggles.  I think he'd pair well with Spieth.
Tiger over Webb.  Webb brings nothing to the table.  Watson even hinted at taking Tiger during the PGA, effectively saying "He's a little hurt and not playing well, but in the end, he IS Tiger Woods." 
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