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I like the interviews, but really hate the contrived schtick (jumping into bushes, pretending he's a fish, etc.).  It's not funny, it's lame.  
Thinking about actual mechanics will probably only get you in trouble.  What you need a simple swing thought or two that ties to your mechanics.  For instance, I want a 1-2 rhythm to my swing and what I mean by that is during my back swing I'm counting a long 1 and then accelerate through on 2.  If you're trying to do something like make your swing flatter, you might replace "1" with a word like "Flat" that reminds you what you should be doing.
I would love to see NCAA kids hitting shots with the ACTUAL clubs Hogan used.      You simply can't compare era's like that.  Yes, Hogan's advantage was that he was the best ball striker and was ahead of his time in many ways with regards to swing mechanics, etc.  That being said, if he started at a level playing field with modern players and modern equipment, why would you assume that someone like him wouldn't be the one to find an advantage one step beyond where we...
 People were talking about his knee issues being career ending and they haven't been an issue essentially from the time he started working with Foley and developing a swing that took the pressure off.  I am sure he'll be able to do something similar if his back continues to be an issue in completing tournaments (note he's on WD'd 5 times and no more than once a year).   I think Tiger's problem is that he just doesn't play enough and focuses too much on developing...
They will stop when they pull a Mike Clayton:
There is no "taking advantage of the rule" - there is only applying the rules (see Tiger having fans move a boulder).
In scouting around Golfsmith today, I'll probably pickup a 2013 Ogio Giza.  Lots of pockets and the cooler pocket should hold 3 or 4 beers. The Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag cooler pocket looks like it would only hold 1 can.  Not looking to booze it up, but have a hard time popping $3.50 for a can of Miller Light!
Cuba imports cigars from him (This is actually from a commercial)   He never carries a lighter because his cigars spontaneously combust
I have an Ogio stand bag (I forget the name, but it has external metal bars that provide ridgidity) I've had for 4-5 years and I've basically gotten to that point where I ride all the time (more so because of my golf partners), so it's time to get a cart bag to get rid of the annoyances of my current bag.  Anyone have a cart bag they swear by?  I'm looking for:   Plenty of room for rain suit Insulated pocket for a few beers Easy access to golf balls (I love the Ogio...
My man!  Love this guy.
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