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been to tucson the past 2 years for spring brake. Ventana canyon is very nice grate views of the catalinas. If you want to play a fun course with out spending a lot the del uric and radolph course are both tucson city course that have lpga events that are good course as well there next to where the rockys play spring ball i think it is call high corbits. other then that there are lots of grate course around there and i would say play in the foothills for a more...
The 1:1 control sounds grate, but the thing i think realy takes this over the edge and makes me want it so bad is the weather. You can play the conditons that are at that course that day. What is the next step going to have mowing hights and fermness of the course being updated as you play. This is out of control. I am also wondering Im not a pro golfer will i ever make a cut in this game? LOL
It sounds like your upset that you dont have one. What 15 year old dose not want an iphone. bill gates kids and wife even want one. And better things for technology? the iphone broke all the rules in smart phones, and now look at all the developents from other companies, this is how technology works. A doctor can now get an iphone, have the persons medical record right on hand, know what pills will work and what once wont for the person send in thee perscription, and be...
on line if you go to cbs.com thy have a couple of cameras set up i think on 13 15 and 16 all day live coverage. If you have an iphone the masters app has all the live video i did that today for the par 3 and it worked grate riding the bus back and watch the masters. Other then that i dont know and by thy way espn is doing thursday and friday saterday is on cbs, but i dought thy will be any better with the amount of time there going to be showing golf. In the mean time go...
it prob. feels dead because it is a SQ driver. Nike has good irons but i never liked there drivers.
Freddie is a grate guy and I have been following him for years. I think he will be grate on the champions tour if he choses to play there, we have a tournament in the town a live in and would be following him around next year if he joins the tour. Grate job today at the shell, if he would not of had that bad chip on 15 to get him in a funk i think he would of been in the playoffs too.
Very good video. ESPN dose a very good job with all of there videos very classy.
The word from this mornings news was snow rain mix im pulling for the rain, i dont think i can deal with getting the shovel back out again. Having said that, i dont mind playing when it is 40 and cloudy, golf is an outdoor game and part of the fun is adapting to the weather. look at Scotland 40-60 year around cold windy and rainy, that is what golf is all about playing not only the course but the weather. Dont get me wrong though nothing beats 75 sunny and a little brize.
Was in arizona a few weeks ago now and played alot in Tucson!!! Back in Iowa now and it looks like we might get a good amount of snow this weekend, tomorrow 55 though so should get some golf in tomorrow befor snow comes back.
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