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Shot an 81 at Maplegate Country Club. Driving was good (only missed 2 fairways), putting was solid (drained a 30-footer on 9 to save par), short game was awful (no surprise since I haven't practiced it in 8 months). I missed most greens long, despite using a laser, so I probably need to adjust my club yardages. I was making great contact. Trying to upload my Scorecard scorecard, but it looks like the service I've been using to host that stuff changed their terms, so I...
Just my USGA tag. My TST one is sitting in my desk somewhere - it's so nice I don't want to lose it.
That's a good question. I don't really know the answer. I would lean to Jack over Phil.I think the break-even point is probably close to 12 if we're counting U.S. Ams.
That's true.
Yeah, first time. Holds up really well for 1996.
Watched Fargo a few days in (belated) anticipation of the TV show. Started a bit slow, but I really liked it after they introduced Margie. Really funny. And those accents, man...
Where do I sign up?
Went pretty well. Paid $18 (plus taxes and fees, so a little over $21 all told) for 18 holes with a cart thanks to a hot deal. Tee time was for 12:14, but it was pretty wide open, so they let me out close to 11:30. Booking through the course would have cost $46 for walking, $59 for a cart, so I paid about 30% of the normal price.It looks like for most tee times at that course (the non-hot deals), you're basically getting a free cart for using GolfNow.I briefly glanced at...
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