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No captain would veto the points leader. Also, Bubba won the Masters earlier this year.
I'm no Bubba fan, but he did lead the USA in qualification points.
It might be a little more shallow than the Coverts, but that picture accentuates that a bit. Here one from another angle:Maybe not quite as big, but close.
Yeah! Who died and made you administr... oh wait.
I don't spend much any time on their site, so even if they had the channel in my area (which they don't), I doubt I'd ever watch it.
Would it matter, given that the rest of the world would tune in?
Nah, he's from California. Ask for his yoga mat pictures.
I read through the website. What even qualified this guy to get on the show? How is this putter appreciably different from any number of high-end putters, besides the price tag?
http://www.golf.com/equipment/nike-vapor-pro-driverI'm liking these more and more.
Do you really think Jeter, who can wipe his ass with $25 million contacts, tries harder than a AA guy who takes buses to away games and can't even afford to eat at Arby's?I think they all try pretty damn hard.
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