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Comcast sent my parents a new modem a week ago. After installing it, I tested the speed while standing right next to the router (an Apple Time Capsule).Coincidentally, I had tested it from downstairs (two floors away from the router) the day before with the old router.Here's the fastest I've ever gotten. March of 2013 so I was probably in my college dorm.http://blogs.wsj.com/cmo/2014/08/25/verizon-fios-speed-match/Are you writing copy for Verizon or something?
I can't imagine ever having the desire to hit a defenseless child.
SO GLAD Ray Lewis was on ESPN this morning to give us his opinion.
Adrian Peterson too??? Boy, Michael Sam is really ruining football.
Might need to set a date to close the contest for entrants.
I'll post one when I get it if I can get to the range.
Spent my entire morning in AT&T stores, on their website, or on the phone with them, but I finally got everything sorted out and ordered an iPhone 6. 64GB, space gray. Delivers on the 19th.
Reporter on ESPN seemed a little wayyyyyy too happy to report that Pistorious could get out soon enough to run again.
Gonna be a rager. We're all very well-rested!
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