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Sure it is. Just be content with shooting 90.
You don't think he could out-drive FDR?
Right. After this weekend's episode I had to watch a comedy show before I went to sleep because I was just too damn depressed.I do find it to be a fascinating premise though.
I had thought a while ago about doing something along those lines, but I could never convince myself that the results would be particularly useful.First, there are only so many events. 4 majors a year isn't a lot of data at all.Second, the actual act of winning a golf tournament involves a lot of luck and randomness. One thing I learned when I did the analysis of Z-scores last year to look at the POTY race was that the winner is often not the player who played the best....
Just watched last weekend's episode of The Leftovers. It's all written and directed nicely, but I finish each episode approximately 700% more depressed than when I started.
I like both Olesen and Wood at those odds.
It's not for a while, IIRC. Like the Wyndham or something?
Has Zimbabwe joined the EU and I just haven't heard?
I was just about to say that.FWIW, no, i wouldn't pick him. I would probably go with McDowell, Poulter, and Westwood, but I'll admit those are largely on reputation.
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