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Didn't qualify.
I do like that idea.I just hope the zombies mode is good. That's what I got the most use out of on Black Ops II, though after a while the fact that we weren't actually playing towards or for anything got annoying.
Looks like a carbon copy of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No. 2.
Ugh. Definitely got enough of that in Advanced Warfare. I liked the Cold War stuff a lot from the first two Black Ops games, and was hoping they'd go back to that.
And it'll get people to start playing VoG again because that armor will be as useful as CE armor.
My name is Jamieson Weiss. I'm 22. I live in Norwich, CT. I'm originally from eastern MA. I went to the University of Delaware and got a degree in mechanical engineering. Go Blue Hens! I currently work as a mechanical engineer for a giant defense contractor. I started playing golf when I was a kid, but really started to put work into it in 8th grade when I realized I wasn't that good at all the other sports. My dad had been an avid golfer for years and brought me into the...
I don't really understand the objections. No one got hurt, they didn't get a slow play penalty, the Earth didn't stop spinning. I also don't see a "solution."
Usually in my bag, sometimes in my pocket if I'm listening to music or podcasts (which is nice, but only really practical if I'm not paired up with anyone). I keep it on, not on silent. My phone only chimes when I get a call, and I basically only get calls in emergencies. Obviously if I were playing a tournament I'd have it silenced and tucked away in the bag.
You can, but the vast, vast, vast majority have not, and never will.(And I happened to pick mostly public or resort courses for those examples just by chance.)
We see Augusta more than any other major-hosting golf course, so I'm not sure I agree with your premise. I "know" Augusta better than Pebble, St. Andrews, Bethpage Black, etc. We see Augusta as much as TPC Sawgrass, Innesbrook, Doral, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: