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It wasn't around then.
http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/how-rory-mcilroy-stacks-up-to-tiger-and-jack/Z-score is an interesting metric, and a very simple one. It's a measure of how many standard deviations a golfer's score is from the field average. A more negative number is better.This is a bit of a flukey situation just because Tiger and Rory won two of their events BIG, which doesn't happen that often. Rory's first two wins could end up being the biggest major wins of his career pretty easily.
I disagree. You can buy solid used gear pretty cheaply, but people don't like to.I'd say that the perceived or expected cost matters as much as the actual cost.Again, you can find decently cheap golf courses, but they're usually bland, and in bad shape, and a lot of people will want to add a cart.Those are all their self-imposed hangups, but they're still real hangups.I agree with all that.
I probably call it "the British" 10 months out of the year. About a month or so before and after I'll sometimes call it "the Open" because people will get it.
From what I understand, once you get east of the Mid-Atlantic Mountain Range, the effects of Lake Merced begin to die down. Reed's just not used to that.
Yes. It's just not hugely valuable stuff, sorry.
It's closer to 8 hours for me, IIRC. And that drive through upstate NY makes it feel like 80.I follow the people!
I wonder how up to date that is. IIRC, that's been listed on Wikipedia for years. Think he's made any since?
I would hate to be Tom Watson and have to tell Patrick Reed that he didn't make the team. Wooo boy I could see him not taking that well.
Somewhere between $50 and $100, maybe? All of that stuff is from the 90s at the latest, so you're not going to get a lot for them.
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