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I got in last night, slept for about 5 hours at a hotel room, and got to the course at about 3:45. I'm not sure if I would do the hotel room next time. Kind of a lot of money for how little I got out of it. I was about the 20th car or so in line, and I got maybe the 50th ticket or so. By the time I got to the clubhouse to make my tee time, the earliest foursome time was like 11:30AM. When I saw how far back in the car line I was I was a little worried, but going off as a...
I ended up playing the whites, which are the middle tees. I had been planning to play the blues, but everyone I got paired with was playing the whites, so I went with it. Kinda glad I went with the white for the first time.I got a bunch of pictures:I also got one with me standing in front of the sign, but the guy I asked to take the picture got so much lens flare it would make JJ Abrams blush.Walking up the first fairway:View from the second tee:From the third tee. I...
She deleted her Instagram account.
Inspired by this thread, and some help from @kpaulhus, I drove down last night and am currently enjoying the view from behind the first tee, awaiting my 8:30 tee time.
I'm so sorry, @JetFan1983. I thought you two had something special.
I think I would probably skip the Deere, but I can see why he'd want to play it. I don't think what he "should" do means much of anything.
Potentially, but I wouldn't expect anything to happen about it this year.
but he's so good with the autographs
A lot of us weren't alive at the time. It's different and interesting.
I voted yes. Maybe not for a while, but in 20 years or so I'd like to see them come back to it.
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