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Several recent posts about politics have been removed. @Quadhole, if you'd like to post about politics, take it to the Grill Room. Any further political posts in this thread will be deleted and the poster will be restricted from the thread.
I voted for "individual" rentals. I was already going to try to split one with someone. That seems to be the most flexible option.
I voted "horrible" because it's horrible.
No. https://twitter.com/aadaddario/status/435672641966313472
I wanted "jamoball" to be 10,000! The actual one was something stupid.
Awww, thanks @David in FL!
That looks pretty cool!
"Zack???" Sounds like Jack Hamm changed a letter in his name.
"Most dominant" as a phrase was chosen carefully because it doesn't take into account whether or not the competition is any good. If I make up a sport called jamoball, and I get @iacas, @Golfingdad, and @cipher to play, but the sport requires my exact fingerprint to win, then I'm going to be dominant. I might not be very skilled at jamoball (particularly if the rest of the sport resembles golf), but I'm still dominant.(It's a little sad how extreme of a situation I had to...
I was about to say, I remember this happening a year or two ago.
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