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He was a player-manager last year for their AAA team. Not sure what he's doing next season.
Are the shafts of comparable stiffness and weight?108 is pretty close to the barrier between stiff and x-stiff. Maybe someone will have some insight as to whether the PX shaft plays whippier or stiffer than it's rated.
There's plenty else to bash him about.
Upon reading that URL, I just realized how funny it is that the Raiders have a player named "Tuck."
I wear either jeans or khakis and a polo or a button-down shirt. And sneakers.The only people I ever see in a suit are either interviewing for a job or giving a presentation.
Aaaaaaaand go!
Everything works fine for me.
I don't think that's being misinterpreted. I interpreted it the same way you just described.Granted, I haven't read the whole thread.
Please make it stop
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