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I really like sunny, morning rounds on a fall Saturday. When it's just cold enough where you have to wear long sleeves and pants, but not too cold or windy. Those days feel very mystical to me.
That rule was different until like 10 years ago. They used to try to split hairs about whether or not the receiver could have come down with it in bounds had he not been pushed.Then again, maybe that's more practical now with instant replay.
It is if you want it to be.
Probably called him "Mr. Crenshaw" too.
How are they not self-aware about this yet?
I was worried it was Nicholas! Probably should have looked it up.
Lexi and Peter Thompson.
Yeah, and the first time was like the second week of the game, so no one knew what it was worth, nor had the coins.I plan on logging in for the first time in a few months, grabbing three, and logging right back off.
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