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Disagree. Clearly he found out what the score was. You didn't have to watch the carnage to be disappointed by the coaching.
Geez. I couldn't care less if he watched the Ryder Cup. And he was probably asked a question, so, no, I don't care that he offered up that information. File this under "we say we want athletes to speak their mind and then jump all over them when we don't like what they say."
http://www.golf.com/photos/tiger-woods-el-cardonal-golf-course-open-december-16/tiger-woods-3 After a few aborted course plans and lots of high-waisted-jeans-clad photo ops, Tiger Woods' first golf course is opening. For real. This December. In Mexico.
Awwwww thanks guys!
Just read that they're making a second season of The Top of the Lake. Guess I'll check it out when it reaches Netflix.
You're allowed to be wrong, I guess.
From down the line, you pick the club straight up until about A2.5, then you lay it off fast from there. You're downswing is pretty much all turn, and because you don't slide your hips, you get this:
Surprised no one has looked up the DVOA numbers (until I did a few minutes ago ). I'll see if I can sum them up later, but they're pretty close. Brady wins a few years, Manning wins a few years. Some years neither of them win.
I don't have any of the quirks you guys do, so I guess not.
Great quarterback, can't act or golf for shit. I'm just glad he didn't insist on wearing Ugg golf shoes.
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