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The Old Course and Carnoustie are at the top of the list. Next tier down would be Turnberry and Hoylake.
Probably closest to a thick-cut piece of slab bacon.
T2, baby!
I've bought tools and a battery from iFixIt. No issues. I've bought hard drives and a hard drive cradle fromAmazon. Also no issues.I bought some bad RAM from Amazon but the manufacturer replaced it. After the warranty on the replacement expired it crapped it again.
By all means, feel free! (Seriously, make it whatever you want. It's just helpful for everyone to have something.)
If you haven't set an avatar after a little while of being a member, a mod will set one for you. It's mentioned in the welcome PM you get upon signing up. We usually just google your username and pick the first result. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=joemal.
From that picture, the A2 looks awfully busy. Not saying it won't look nice in person, but that's not a very flattering picture.
Going to run through the round I played on Saturday at Cyprian Keyes Golf Course in Boylston, MA. 1: Good 5 iron to the middle of the fairway. Bad pushed 8 from 154. Solid chip that didn't break how I was hoping it to. Bogey. +1 2: Hybrid struck well, straight, ran through the fairway. PW from 115 to the back of the green, front pin. Bad lag putt, rolled in a 5-footer. +1 3: Hybrid to the middle of the fairway. 5 Iron layup. SW from 108 landed a foot from the pin, rolled...
And they're equally wrong.
That's what I've been saying all day.
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