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Occasionally the first time I hit the range in the spring I get the shanks. I just do the tee gate drill and it goes away pretty quick.
If they still had the Tours and the Stealths and the PHXes I'd be jumping all over this.
I ordered a TV from Best Buy a few weeks ago. Got them to price match Amazon's price, and they offer free delivery of any TV 50" or larger. Did it in a store. Paid right there. Set up the delivery for a week from the date of purchase (because that was the soonest weekend they had open). Got a call the Thursday before the expected Saturday delivery telling me that there was some sort of mixup at their distribution center and that I wouldn't receive the TV on time. They...
@Stretch will know the hole I'm talking about. Hopkinton Country Club in Hopkinton, MA. 5th hole is a par 3, from the back tees it's about 235 or so. Shoft-left is a pond, long is a steep drop-off, there's a bunker short-right, long-right has some overhanging trees. The only safe spots are just short and in the middle, and on the green (which isn't that big). Throughout high school I probably played it 30 times. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've hit the...
Honest question to the people who've been saying that we don't understand the disease and need to know more about Ebola: What do we not know, what would you like to find out, and what would you hope to change (in terms of public policy)?
RIP Oscar Taveras. We'll always have that absolutely insane moon-ball first career homer he hit.
Tom Brady read this thread and would like y'all to know that he disagrees and presents Patriots v. Bears, 10/26/14 as an example.
Breaking Bad theme. Color is sky blue, of course. Heel logo is the Heisenberg silhouette. The back is the molecular structure of meth. Bottom is the logo and "TREAD LIGHTLY."
This is like a spelling deep cut, but the word is "piqued" not "peaked" in this situation.
"That way they won't have to pay CC fees" is the key bit there. So Wal-Mart sees a benefit, I see nothing. Actually, scratch that. I wouldn't get AmEx points with CurrentC. So I get less than nothing unless CurrentC launches a benefits program on par with AmEx's.
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