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When much of the world systematically denies girls and women education, job opportunities, and respect, yeah, they're probably not going to figure out cold fusion.
Fixed that for you.
Peanut butter cookies. I also really like oatmeal cookies, but people seem to think that makes me crazy, so I don't usually mention that.
Ones i disagree with: 1.TALKING TO ANOTHER GUY'S BALL Everyone knows that what other people say has absolutely zero affect on your golf ball, correct? 3. WEARING BLACK SOCKS WITH KHAKIS I'm not a fashion expert, but I've never understood this one. If you're wearing ankle socks, I actually think black can look better than white socks. 21. STILL USING A 3-WOOD Wahhhht? (I thought I was gonna disagree with more of them. It's a better article than I thought it would be.)
Stop speaking logically!
As a Patriots fan, I passionately dislike him.
Just watched the highlights of the Everton-Chelsea game. Insane game. Those are the first 6 goals Tim Howard has ever let in, correct?
Yeah, you're right, just read that it was a hack.
Probably an ex who was either jealous or had money waived in their face.
I don't recline my seat. I don't love it when the person in front of me does it, but I understand that it's considered socially acceptable, so I'm not a dick about it.
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