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I play J36 combos with PX5.5s in them. Love the CBs and Blades, but hate the PCs. In fact I dislike the PCs that much that I'm looking at new sticks (tried out Srixon ZTX and Cleveland CG16 Tours today). Best set I have ever had though were two sets of Tourstage Z101s. Beautiful iron and so nice to hit. Have regretted selling them ever since I did!
So Luke wins in - wow great play from him. Love his swing, one of the best on tour.   Now Europeans occupy the top 4 places in the OWGR!   
I agree 100% with you. And that's sad, I look forward to the Masters so damn much, and this year I could watch it all because of Easter Monday (the coverage of Sunday's play started at 6.30 am Easter Monday here in New Zealand). What's worse is that on Saturday (Friday's play) I even stopped watching because it was so boring. And I've never said that before. Absolutely - his mental state was superb. And he just played better. Yep. They should do one or the other. If...
I think this is going to be very intirguing - certainly for Tiger fans, of which I am one. No doubt he will spend a lot of time sorting his driver out - as I said in one of my previous threads that's been revived, I wonder if his equipment lets him down or that he just puts a bad swing on it. I also wonder why he oes not use 3 wood more. Hecan hit it about 270-280 IIRC which is plenty far enough seeing how good he is with it off the deck and obviously with his irons. ...
Great play from Zach. I'm impressed how he didn't succumb to looking at the leaderboard before 17. Even more impressed how he held it all together and made an excellent up and down at 18.
We can.But this thread is about Tiger, and whether or not he choked. Not Zach. I'm sure if you read the Zach thread you'll see people comment on how he played the best and therefore was a deserved winner.
I can't remember when I was SOOO bored by the last round of the Masters. Erik is right - as hard as it is for me to say. The length is fine. But add in the trees, rough and rock hard greens you get something other than what I think Augusta National is. Zack did play well, but will he win another? No. I didn't know Golf Courses had honour? I thought they just gave out the Green Jacket to the one who played the best golf, and amazed us with his skill. This cannot be...
Yep, dumb thread. In no way shape or form did Tiger choke. As Erik pointed out (and I rarely agree wit hhim ;) ) Tiger even told us where he lost it - 17, and 18 Thursday and Saturday. Hell, I don't even think it was that. He just didn't bring is A game. In fact he didn't bring his B, C or dare I say it his D game. Again as been pointed out his driving was awful. Terrible. Everytime I saw him reach for it I cringed. *IF* and it's a big if, he'd left it at home and put...
Just like nothing says Arsehole like being sarcastic about higher handicap golfers.
Can't agree more.Love his swing.Just a shame he's not a little bit bigger and had a bit more length off the tee.
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