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hello all,   I am looking for a Titleist 904f 19* Fairway wood.  Ideally, I am looking for only the head, or one shafted with a Dynamic Gold X100.  Otherwise, I am willing to consider others.  used condition is fine, but please nothing with damage to the crown.  Thanks in advance!   -Lov   
Just played Pebble on Xmas eve this year on the NCGA Winter golf special - $395 + 50 gift card to the U.S. Open Shop.  Check out my review and selected pictures here:   http://thepowerfade.wordpress.com/2010/12/25/crossing-one-off-the-bucket-list-pebble-beach-golf-links/   Please feel free to comment and bookmark!  We also have a good thread on club painting!  
I guess I should be more specific as well. Do you prefer to read articles that have tips, equipment reviews, course reviews, stories about the Tour, etc? If you have one that you like in particular, what makes it great for you? keeping it short? having lots of detail? Pictures? Opinions? humor?
What's your personal opinion on good golf writing? I've been interested in seeing what the obsessed golfer likes to read for a while now. please be specific! :D
Hi, I've been kind of wondering which set of tees are the "appropriate" ones to play from. If I'm playing a new course, I'll look at the par three distances and gauge which ones just seem absurd and which ones seem realistic. Is there a better way to make this decision? I'm about an 11 handicap and hit my 7 iron 160 and carry a driver about 265-275.
Anyone want to trade a dz bridgestone B-330's for a dozen Pro v1s? I have two dozen and want to try something new. PM me if you're interested.
All brand new, still in original packaging. two dozen are in sleeves, but guy from ebay didn't send them in the boxes. One dozen in box. All low numbers. Willing to sell for $40/dz (shipping included) trade for 3 doz. Pro-v1 or Pro-v1x.
I couldnt tell if Ray was playing a two-ball best ball in the last episode, or if he was playing a 1 man two-ball scramble. Anyone know?
to those of you who shoot in the 70's and better, do you ever take full swings with your most lofted wedge? I currently have a 52, 56, and 60, but I'm considering dropping the 60 and 56 and replacing them with a 58. I never take a full swing with the 60, and often have trouble trying to decide which one of them I should be hitting around the green b/c I feel like I get similar results with both of them. Also, as of late, I've been somewhat inconsistent out of the...
I have a pair of Tour 360 3.0's that need new cleats. Anyone know what kind I need to replace them? Thanks in advance!
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