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Oh wow, awesome. Yeah, I didn't know about those. That's awesome. Thanks, Doc. Actually I just decided I am going to come down this weekend instead of next. Any tips you can give in the meantime I'll be sure to take into consideration! Thanks again!
Thanks everyone for the responses! This is actually perfect. I'm really looking to avoid golf "destinations," I'm more looking for an area where a serious player can work on their game in a warmer climate, and be able to test skills in competition on a more regular basis. Seems like a good fit, without having to deal with the downsides of tourist-ey golf destinations. The eGolf tour, right? The old Tarheel Tour... yeah I saw they hold almost all their tournaments in...
Handicap Index: 1.4 I promise I am still alive. And I still play golf. In fact, just this weekend I had a very good practice session during which I hit balls off of the most pristine types of grass driving range, sought after by most professionals -- the 97% crabgrass driving range. Thank you, Tee's Golf Center for your unparalleled upkeep of your facilities. I feel great about paying money that is so clearly going directly into somebody's pocket, rather than...
That's good to hear, actually. Most courses around here are pretty much done after the first snow, or December 1, whichever comes first. Either they close completely until April 1, or they have "temporary greens" aka fairway with a hole in it for a good 4 months, if not longer. Thanks for the input.
I am considering relocating to the area and I'm trying to figure out how the golf piece fits into things... How is the weather for golf? Obviously it will be warmer than where I am now (Philly area), but is it really a location where golf can be played 12 months out of the year? I don't necessarily mean warm sunny weather all year round, I play in 50-degree weather all the time up here as long as the courses are open... I just mean is it feasible or realistic for a...
I work in KOP... you'd love it here this week. 95 and humid (head index above 100 degrees) all week. Yay.
Anybody know which will typically have a longer life, a Desktop or a Laptop computer? I've owned two Mac notebooks (a PowerBook and a Macbook Pro) in the last 8 years, both of them lasting about 4 years before starting to experience very significant performance deterioration and some general problems. I've never compared against a Desktop computer but I'm curious if one or the other will typically perform better for longer.
My Dad's name is Skip. He used to coach hoops at my old high school, and I had a freshman biology class with one of his senior players who always used to call me "Young Skip." 40 was my number on the b-ball team freshman year. That was 12 years ago now. Haha, wow.
Gotcha. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
...and of course, it is a pretty dumb question. It's also irrelevant, but I've always wondered the answer, so I'm going to ask it. What specifically constitues a "scratch golfer" from a Handicap standpoint? I know that the USGA defines it as: "An amateur player who plays to the standard of the stroke play qualifiers competing in the United States Amateur Championship. The male scratch golfer hits his tee shots an average of 250 yards and can reach a 470-yard hole in...
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