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also, is it imperial lakes or imperial lakewoods?
great thanks, are those public?
is there a site that lists the distances of pro golfers? I'm looking in particular for rory mcilroy and hunter mahan. Thanks
I know that vokeys are a heavier wedge, and that callaways are on the lighter side. Are mizuno's heavier too? And what are the advantages of a heavier club? Thanks
great thanks. All of these are public i assume?
any good golf courses near Sarasota? I'm going down for two weeks, and I'll want to play a lot. Thanks
I would love to go with callaway pre-owned, but i can't hit the actual clubs, which puts me off. Same with golfsmith, you can only hit them into a net. I really want to take them out on the course, or at least an open-air range. Thanks for all of the suggestions though
anyone know of any good ones? thanks
thanks for all of the info, i'm just afraid that the club i buy won't be standard length and lie e.g. golfsmith
where's the best place to buy used? Preferably somewhere close to chicago? Thanks
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